Editing Services

I have 5+ years of tutoring and paper editing experience. I also have an English Bachelors. I can tutor: Math 055, 096, 109, and 116, English classes, Computer Skills, APA, Chicago, MLA and more, at $30 an hour. I also offer services for editing papers or websites, and the rates on that change based on what you want and how quickly you want the edited paper back.

Generally for Paper Editing Services:

I have vast experience writing essays (I was a double English/History major in college – I had at LEAST one paper a week) and experience with MLA and Chicago formatting.  My masters program requires APA so I am getting quite familiar with that as well.  I am also a writer, and was a creative writing major in college until my last two semester, so I have experience editing short stories and novels.

I check grammar, as well as continuity issues, and offer at least a paragraph of feedback at the end about what worked, and what didn’t (in my opinion) or anything that I spot that doesn’t make sense.

I use Microsoft Word, Track Changes, so that you can see my comments and changes to the paper and make decisions on what you change. It also means that you can just email your work to me.

It is $2 a page (double spaced), which comes out to less than a penny a word. The average double spaced page has 250 words in Microsoft Word. So if it is single spaced, it would $4 a page, as it is double the amount. Check prices – I’m actually pretty dadgum cheap.  If it requires quite a bit of editing, I will charge $4/$8 respectively.

If the papers/novels/etc. are under 30 pages, I usually have a 24 hour or less turnaround. If the work is needed within a certain time frame, we can discuss an extra fee.

Depending on the length and what needs to be done, really determines how long it will take (and also what is currently going on in my life).  All of this would be discussed at the beginning of the commission.

I do have a paypal account and accept payment that way.

I can edit layouts, and reference/works cited pages.

I can also edit websites!! Or anything else random, just ask 🙂

I’m really just starting this, so I know that it is vague.   If it kicks off, I will refine it as needed and figure it all out based on how things are going!!


“Fallon’s services include email editing services that allow me to have better time management. Between work, school, a new job, and preparing for a baby I am unable to set aside travel time to use the editing service provided through my college institute. Her attention to detail and manner of correcting helps relieve the stress of writing papers. She has improved my writing skills tremendously. Fallon’s prices are very reasonable and she is prompt in her return of edited papers, all things that are important to a student. I would highly recommend her services for any student want to write professional papers.” – Laura


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