Hey look! I’m back :)

It has been six months since I wrote a blog post. Woah.

First, sorry.  Things has been kind of hectic, and I just let writing slide.  My husband was back in school, my son is crazy (in a good, energetic, terrible threes kinda way), and from October on was crazy at my job, then it was the holidays, and such, and such.

Basically, I just let my blog go. I was still writing reviews though, and you can see those in the following:

Mississippi Blood by Greg Iles: http://www.bgdailynews.com/community/book-review-mississippi-blood/article_49b191bd-aa19-5035-8a9c-ba2fbb279d33.html (go read this, it is awesome!)

The Man Who Loved Birds by Fenton Johnson: http://www.bgdailynews.com/community/the-man-who-loved-birds-author-leaves-major-holes/article_51942091-d79a-5490-b78a-6575b51d3371.html (the ending of this book greatly upset me, and I felt there were holes, but it was an interesting story).

The Bourbon Thief: A Family with Bourbon in its Blood and Blood on its Hands by Tiffany Reisz: http://www.bgdailynews.com/community/bourbon-deliversa-book-of-intrigue/article_1b5a12c6-b962-5a36-b0b6-546a1bb60ffd.html (5 Star book. Loved it)

The Birds of Opulence by Crystal Wilkinson: http://www.bgdailynews.com/community/opulence-a-reminder-of-culture-and-community/article_8cfb1a06-7c6a-5a4b-b833-807ff383550d.html (Again interesting read but I felt things could have been more in depth or less jumpy)

The Blind Astronomer’s Daughter by John Pipkin: http://www.bgdailynews.com/community/astronomy-novel-falls-short-of-the-heavens/article_51af751e-7572-5831-8f3f-547667a38644.html (the title says my feelings. Fell short. Was really disappointed).

The First Hostage by Joel C. Rosenberg: http://www.bgdailynews.com/community/journalist-is-on-target-with-fast-paced-sequel/article_553db823-00a8-5248-a7b7-10c7cc01d1e8.html (great sequel, fast paced)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: http://www.bgdailynews.com/community/harry-potter-and-the-cursed-child-reunites-old-friends/article_8258034d-483f-5f91-b2bc-1faec1e2a6f3.html (great!)

That should about catch it, and I will update my publications page.  Overall, I’ve read quite a few.  For my goodreads challenge of 2016, I read 50 books. I’m hoping for 55 this year, and plan to exceed that – I’ve already read 25! Here is the list: https://www.goodreads.com/user_challenges/7034581

I will be reviewing a few of those over the next week. I have several that will be eventually published in the Bowling Green Daily News. I also will be doing a post over the SOKY Bookfest!

Have a great day guys!


Back in Action!


First, let me apologize for my disappearance.  July was a crazy month for me, full of interviews, anxious waiting and panicking, chasing my son around, and generally stressing about money as I didn’t have a job yet.

The good news, I have been hired as an Academic Adviser for the School of Professional Studies at WKU, and I started August 1st. It’s been a whirlwind of getting things figured out, starting my new job, and all such things.

Hopefully I will be back to posting on here soon, back to writing, and reading more and more.  After all, I have to get ready for NaNoWriMo…


A Letter to George RR Martin

To George RR Martin,

I just watched the season finale of Game of Thrones. I am in awe, and in love, and possibly hate you with a tiny piece of my heart. I am everything that a fan of such a fandom can be.  You have created this world, this amazing place, and you have shared it with us. And for that, I am thankful.  They always say that many read as an escape. Escaping to your world, while dangerous if real, is truly wonderful.

I recently read several posts about you asking Stephen King about how on earth he manages to write so many books.  Facing backlash from not being able to finish “The Winds of Winter” on time, I know that you have dealt with your fair share of crazy, upset fans.  Who knows what people have said to you.  Lord knows we aspiring writers have often heard the advice of “Writers write. Pick a time. Sit down. Write words, rather they be good or bad.”  I’ve lived on the quote that for us writing is breathing.  And it’s often true.

And other times writing is not as easy as breathing. It can be hard, and painful, and I just plain stop.  I have an unfinished novel. I’ve been working on it for four years.  It is probably not even half way done, as I rewrote the whole dadgum thing after changing the viewpoint. Then I realized it had a fatal flaw, and just completely stopped early this year. Recently I dreamed up another novel, actually fully plotted this one out, wrote about 5000 words and hit a brick wall. I feel as if I need more research. I am unsure if my characters have enough “voice.” I remember the B’s and C’s I received in creative writing classes in college, and the times I did not win contests.  All of that overshadows everything good thing I have heard about my writing.  And that does not even matter, as much.  My self-doubt wins for the day.  And the writing waits.

You asked Stephen King if he never had a bad day, a day where he felt he had no talent, and thought maybe you screwed up and should have been a plumber or something.  All I can say is, I am so glad you did not.  You have given your readers (and/or watchers) an amazing gift in this world you have created.  Whatever demons you have battled to get this far, thank you for winning those fights.  Thank you for the rewrites, for the tweaks, and the words and the hours you have spent writing.

But more than anything else, thank you for showing me that you can be successful without writing every day.  I have tried to do this. I have tried to push myself through bad days and just get words on paper.  It is not how I function, apparently. I lay here, trying to sleep before getting up early to go to work, and I failed. Because I was thinking of that episode. I was thinking of your books.  I remembered that conversation.  And I finally realized that maybe I do not have to push myself the way I have been over the past year. Oh yes, it would be wonderful if every day I could sit down at a certain time and just write.  I am not, however, financially able to be a full time writer. I have nothing published.  I must work. I actually love my work. I have a husband and a toddler.  Life happens.  I’m tired of feeling guilty because I just could not write that day.  Or that I chose snuggling with my son over writing on my laptop. That I may not have the talent necessary to call myself a “writer” or an “author.”

I am tired of feeling like I must not be a writer because I cannot write every day.  You, sir, are an aspiring writer of unfinished novel’s dream come true.  Thank you for writing when you can. Thank you for pushing past your fears, and giving us this world that you dreamed, that you created, that you labor over.  Spend the days enjoying your fame, and talking to fans. Ignore the haters.  Write when you can, and as a reader of your books I do hope as often and quick as you can.

But as writer who finds it often times hard to write, Thank You for being honest about your process.  Thank you for not bowing down to deadlines and standards and common practice and churning books out like butter. I feel that they would not be what we wanted, anyways.  As you say, they would not be the best you could make them.  It may have been easier for you as a writer, and me as a reader, to be able to write every day and get them published.

Good luck writing,

A Writer Who Knows Nothing

The Harry Potter Book Tag

Came across this on Captivated~By~Fantasy’s blog!



A Book you found interesting but would like to rewrite:




Honestly, I’m still reading this.  The plot is okay, but there is nonstop comparisons and lists of what things something is like whenever she describes something. It also feels very slow paced. I am listening to it, and I do like the person reading it.




The first book in a series that got you hooked:




Okay, there are so many that could go here. Obviously, Harry Potter. However, I want to sing the praises of Doon. It’s a great quartet, that will be finished soon (the fourth comes out later this year, I’ve already read it. Ends great!).




A book you wish you could have right now:




I love every book Tamora Pierce has written (see previous posts), but somehow I still do not have this one nor have I read it.  It is never at the store, which does not help.




A killer book:




Tis pretty awesome. I think the title speaks for itself.





A book you find confusing:




Oh this book…. there is even a debate on whether or not it is a collection of short stories that kind of connect or supposed to be an actual novel. Yep.  It was… odd.




Your spirit animal book:



This was hard to pick.





A dark, twisted book




I probably never would have finished this if it had not been a pick for my book club. I must say though, it was good. But certainly dark and twisty. And sad. I still haven’t read the second. Not sure I will.




A book that surprised you in a huge way:



I had serious doubts about a book written from a dog’s point of view.I shouldn’t have. This book is everything, and you will sob at the end, I promise.





And the people I vote to do this:

Amanda McCormick

Monica Spees

And anyone else who wants too!

Infinite Dreams Awards

Thanks to Monica Spees at Monica Spees for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger and Infinite Dreams awards! It is an honor!

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Nominate 7-14 other bloggers for the award. Link to their blog and let them know!
  3. If applicable: Answer your nominator’s questions and ask 7-11 questions to your own nominees.
  4. If applicable: Share 7-11 facts about yourself.

Facts about me:

  1. I dance like an idiot to loud music when I’m alone in my car and I have to be careful I don’t speed…
  2. I memorized The Gettysburg Address when I was in 7th grade, and recited it in my history class for extra credit. My family was VERY over it. I remembered it for a long time but no longer do.
  3. I had a cholesteatoma in my left ear and have had surgery on it twice. The first to prep it for the actual surgery. My ear canal is now huge, and also I’m mostly deaf in that ear. Apparently my doctor should have went back in, and did not. I’ve had reoccurring problems with it, and seen a specialist in Louisville and shall have to have surgery again. Good news? HE CAN RESTORE MY HEARING!
  4. I was married at 18. No, I was not pregnant. Yes, we are still together.
  5. I was Thespian of the Year at my high school my senior year, and I have an awesome trophy.
  6. I have hopeful dreams of being a published novelist but I doubt my writing skills and I think this impacts how much I write.
  7. I’m directing our high school drama play this semester, Haphazardly Ever After, and we are also doing a Fairy Tale Dinner Party Show on May 6th (You should come!)
  8. I have met William Shatner, Kim Harrison, Diana Gabaldon and several other great authors.  I love signed books… it’s kind of my guilty pleasure. I also met Katherine Howe, who I LOVE. I have fond hopes of meeting Mary Weber, Tamora Pierce and a few others 🙂
  9. In high school my now husband called my bedroom “The Room of Bloom” because besides a poster of Captain Jack Sparrow above my bed… it was covered in Orlando Bloom/Legolas. I mean COVERED.
  10. I sometimes wonder where on Earth I am going in life, and if I have made the right decisions. However, I love my life, and what I do, and my family. So whether I may have made bad decisions on the way, I try to learn from them. And help others.
  11. I LOVE TO PLAN PARTIES AND CANNOT WAIT FOR XANDER’S SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! (Maybe that’s the real reason I had a kid?)

The bloggers I’ve nominated shouldn’t feel obligated to participate, but it’s a fun little thing to do if you have the time. Thanks for writing, guys! Even if you feel like no one is reading, we are.

My nominees are:

  1. Words Read and Written
  2. Author Amanda McCormick
  3. A Little Bookish, A Little Writerly
  4. Kim Harrison’s Drama
  5. The Wolfe’s Writing Den
  6. Keeping Procrastination At Bay
  7. Tracey Clark

Boom, Boom, Boom

Yesterday was a bad day. The thing is, it was a bad day following one excellent weekend. My mom finally came down from VA for our Christmas (snow has delayed it quite a bit), and then she was snowed in here. I wound up getting to spend two extra days with her, which was utterly fantastic.  I was given many wonderful presents that shows just how well my family knows me (including Starbucks gift card, a Doctor Who water bottle, Eiffel tower wine glasses, and a Spell book wallet).  It was great.

But then yesterday, after hours of looking up information about phone interviews, I found out that my interview today was canceled as all their searches for new positions have been put on hold because of the new budget cuts from the government in KY. Woot. It just added levels of stress. And so this morning I woke up with a migraine from hell.

The thing is, yesterday was not all bad. My mom made it home safe, which is wonderful. I also found out that Mary Weber (Author of the Siren trilogy of which I have reviewed the previous two books) was sending me an early copy of Siren’s Song the third and final book. I was so happy about that! I got the message when I woke up and was getting ready to work. Excellent start to the day. Then after the rather sucky news at work, I worked with my students, and came home. I played with my son, I finished reading As You Wish by Cary Elwes (Westley) and watched The Princess Bride again.  My son crawled up and passed out cuddling me.

There were great moments yesterday. It is so easy to be lost in the horrible ones and dwell only on those.  What happens will happen, and I am trying to remember that.

As to my writing… well it’s taken a hit. I don’t know the exact numbers but I haven’t written since last Friday. Though I am behind a couple of book reviews I need to write, and I’m writing this blog.  I’m technically ahead quite a bit on my word count because I tend to write more than 250 words a night. So it won’t hurt, as much. But it still hurts. I was snowed in without my laptop Sunday though, and spending all the time I could with my mom was more important 🙂

Some times, writing just has to be put on pause for life. I don’t regret it. Now on to write an article about college, and finish a form for my students.

I hope all of your writing endeavors are going well!

The World… It Amazes Me

I’m sure there are a million things I could update you with in my life and ramble away, but for the moment my brain is fried (Hey, you have a sick four month old).  So. While this will be rambley, it should be about two things. I think.

First off, two people have died in Portugal, after trying to take a selfie and falling off a cliff. Yes, you just read that. Here is the article. What’s worse?  Their two children, ages 5 & 6, were there.  How can you even do that?  And you had KIDS WATCHING? “Oh, I want the perfect picture, let’s cross this barrier, to set a great example…” It just makes me want to cry, not to mention what on Earth those poor children will say later on. And then at the end of the article it tells us of other deadly and harmful selfies.  The bathroom selfie is starting to look better and better.

And last but not least, my dear friend Amanda, who told me I needed to write a blog as I was falling asleep at work, is also setting a word goal of 2000 words a day. I am not that crazy, but I shall declare a goal of 500 words a day and see how I do. I wrote a paper today for my class, which was 1900ish words, and this blog, so I’m doing pretty spiffy.  I also finished my journal for that class. I’m good.

Oh, and if you love me… Go HERE!

I am currently reading Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce, and should finish that soon. In other news, Amanda and I may start a blog together doing book reviews. And maybe vlogs. Maybe.

Under the Tuscan Sun

There are times lately when I feel overwhelmed.  I am a new-ish mom, a wife, a graduate student, a private tutor, an employee, and occasionally, a writer. There is always family drama, often on both sides of the tree, and there is always workplace drama, it would seem.  Life carries on, and things continue, and here I stand, wondering if I can just follow Bilbo Baggins, as roads go ever on and on.

This semester I will be doing an internship at the Glasgow Campus with their coordinator of Student Affairs.  I will work there on MWF.  I have class on MTW.  I will work at my GAship on TR, as well as attend ASL 1, as part of that.  On top of that, I will be doing work for my second internship I hope to have in January, recruiting students so that the trip to New Zealand can make in the first place.  I’m worried about finding enough money to go to New Zealand, and cover all my expenses, and I’m worried about leaving my precious baby for two weeks. And yet, part of me whispers what a wonderful experience, both personally and professionally it will be, and what a dream come true. So school is quite the adventure currently. Oh, and in November I must attend a conference, SACSA, and hopefully find more of those to go to as well.

Life goes on as normal, of course.  I have a four month old who I love with all my heart, and who has determined that most of the time I am not allowed to clean.  I’ve held him for the past hour because he was fussy and sleepy, but he would only sleep in my arms.  Xander is currently passed out laying beside on me on the couch, as I write this.  I have never loved a human being as much as I love this little boy.  Still, there are moments when I look at the chaos of my house and oh how I wish I could manage to keep it clean.  Then again, I’ve seen titles of studies that say a messy home means a happy child.  And that’s probably true. I’m learning to let go, a little.  I think if I can just manage a few more things to get into place, I’ll be a little more okay with my coffee table being cluttered (or I could just throw it out the door…), and laundry being scattered.

This week I picked up another student to tutor. A sixteen year old boy who really wants to catch up on math so that he can go back to public school.  I tutor a 67 year old man on the world of how to use computers, and all of the interwebs.  I enjoy this greatly, but I seriously debated the addition of the teenager.  However, the money will be greatly useful towards attempting to go to New Zealand.. and I love to help.

I tried to do the 30 day writing challenge. Some days I did just one, but most of the time I wound up doing two or three, or more, trying to catch up.  I ended on Day 16… and it is now August.  There is part of me that loves to write so very much, and yet, some how, I go ages without doing it. I have had a novel I have been working on for two years. I’ve barely touched it in the last year. I keep telling myself there were very good reasons, and yet honestly, how hard is it to write for ten minutes a day?  Even if it is crap? It’s something… Right?  I also keep telling myself that if I wait to have a decent place to write I’m going to be waiting a very long time…

I just finished watching Under the Tuscan Sun.  It is a movie I actually own, but I saw it skimming through Netflix, and it sounded like the perfect movie. If you haven’t watched it, you should.  The crazy blonde lady tells Francis that when she was trying to catch ladybugs she could not, but after falling asleep and waking up, she was covered in them.  And I think that is perfect. I need to quit worrying so much. I tried to do yoga, and so far I keep failing at that, but I am going to try again. I worry about losing weight all the time – I still cannot wear my prepregnancy clothes, or find a size that fits right anyways.  It’s all so frustrating.

But I need to have my rant, sigh, and try to move on. I need to let the ladybugs gather.  Looking at my tiny hobbit child, I know it will all be worth it. I am working towards a career in which I will be able to support us – my husband is supporting me so I can pursue my dreams, and I want to return the favor. And I want to give my child the vacations I never had, and little bit more of a stress free childhood at that. I had to grow up way too quickly. I do not want that for Xander. So I shall let what shall come, pass, and move past it. For after all, all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

Random Life Post

Hello people!

Thank you so much to everyone who has liked a post and started following me!  It’s a great feeling.

I am not sure how well the writing challenge shall continue this weekend – it may get rather short.  Tomorrow I have work, and then class. And Saturday I have class. From 8:30 – 4:00.  So lovely. -sighs-  And I still have two papers to write and about 10 chapters to read…. I did not mean to get this far behind!!!