Prepping for Battle

I’ve done NaNoWriMo technically twice, but last year I did not truly participate due to my mother-in-law passing away on November 2nd. However, last year I did do writing prep in October, and if you are curious about previous blogs, click here for a list of them. I won in 2014, but I wound up completely scrapping my project half way through (20ish thousand words) and starting over.  In the end I wrote over 50k, but I only kept about 30k.  Sad days.

This year, I’m hoping not to do any of that craziness. I’m going to start working on my story now, and it is a project I started earlier this year.  A friend has been helping with some research, I have pinterest board, and for the first time ever, I’ve almost completely plotted out a story.

So when prepping for battle, be aware that nothing goes as planned. Some people may argue that since I scrapped what I had and restarted, I may not have won in 2014. To me, I did. I wrote all of that, even if I went crazy, switched perspectives, added characters, and completely rewrote what I had to the point of adding new scenes and a new narrative. Not at all what I planned.  If you cannot tell, I do not usually plan much.

This year, I hope to change that. The story I wrote in 2014, actually came from a short story I wrote about Dragons, and a dragon ride (the first in centuries).  The short story was great. I pantsed it and went on with the story. I decided instead of third I wanted to do first. I fleshed the story out so much more.  Then after NaNo, when I was trying to finish it, I hit a wall.  A friend read it, and reported to me that I had no real villain. Oops. I had been so focused on the character, and the war, that I did not think about the fact that I needed something more central to focus on. I still love that story, but I’ve put it aside for now. Once again, I’m going to have to rework what I have and I just need a break.

So pantsing may work for some people, but right now I need a story I’ve planned. Enter “We Witches Three.”  I’ve planned and plotted and am researching. I’ve started the beginning of it. I know where I want to go.  I’m going to hash out what I have tonight, and really start reexamaning. I had meant to all this craziness starting in October, and really get used to writing every day again. Starting a new job in August, with this being one of two of my busiest months of the year, made things hectic.  Why can’t Nano be in like July?  There are hardly any kids here in July…

So are you a pantser or a plotter or both? I’d be interested in hearing your tales!

(Side note – I submitted a new book review last night for “The Blind Astronomer’s Daughter.” 2.5/5 – I will link it when it is published.)



Planning For Camp Nano

Hello everyone!

Time just marches on by does it not?  I am happy to say that I have met my writing goal every day this month. It hasn’t always been on my novel. A few days it was for book reviews. I wrote an article one day and didn’t even count those words. So I have been doing quite well, and I am super happy with myself. Maybe if I can keep this up, I can increase my word goal in a few months. For now though, I am happy with the progress I am making, and satisfied with the fact that I am WRITING on my novel weekly, whereas for the past year that has not been the case at all.

Maybe this is the year!

So, on to Camp Nano! Feel free to add me, and maybe we could start a group. I am still hoping to be finished with Fated Destiny by November, so that I can work on my Pirate Novel (which I will outline plot for in October).  Camp Nano in April and July are two of my major projects I’m hoping to help me with that. As I already have outlines, and I’m just continuing what I have been doing I do not have a lot of prep to do for Camp Nano. However, much of the same guidelines exist for it as do for Nano, and I will begin posting those tips come March 🙂

I think, sometimes, we writers lose ourselves and our writing because we feel like failures. We have friends who manage to write thousands of words a day, or we know professors who are publishing a book a year.  Or we had professors who tried to push us to better ourselves, but in the end it just made us feel as if our writing was not good enough. Okay, so maybe that’s just me, but I am sure some of you have felt the same way. It can be difficult (in EVERYTHING) to look at what others have accomplished or done, and not be doing the same.

Yet, we do not know what is different in their world from ours. They may have much more time to write. They probably don’t have a crazy toddler to watch who is OBSESSED with their laptop. They may have made writing their career, and good for them. As much as I love writing, I also love what I do. I think I would continue doing what I do even if one day I become a successful crazy novelist (haha).  We need to remember to be realistic for our goals, and what WE can do for ourselves.  Lowering my word count goal, and having a GOAL has helped me so much.  I feel a million times better a day, because I am writing every day. I’m being creative. It’s great.

Also, Operation Declutter is slow going, but its going. I have emptied my closet of an entire playpen’s worth of clothing that I am going to sell/donate.  I even got rid of a ton of socks (I had like three drawers worth…).  I’m going through my books. I separated out the book I have not read yet, and am now making that a priority before I am allowed to get random books (okay, Morning Star did not count). I want less crap laying around, and I’m working toward that. It feels super. I even just received a book about decluttering for a review. So woot!

I am hoping to have a couple of book giveaways at the end of this month, so stay tuned for me figuring that out 🙂


Plotting is at an end!

The story is back!

Oh such happy days. I’ve started an excel sheet to keep track of my writing – I want to do 1000 words a day. I have a general outline of where I want to go, as I have said. I wrote 1,129 words yesterday!!

Today I wrote: 1132 words. Woot! I am feeling rather great about this.

To switch topics, Kentucky is fixing to be covered in two feet of snow. I work at a high school, so this is my second snow day, and I am off tomorrow already as well.  I finally cleaned my kitchen today, and I have been playing with Xander, which is awesome. I have been reading A Discovery of Witches as well. Anyone else?

I’m torn on it, but anxious to finish it. It’s for my book club. A review will be posted in a bit. If you want to keep track of what I’m reading, I usually update Goodreads.

I may do another post on an issue going on at my high school later tonight or tomorrow morning. I think I’m going to post on my Tiny Little Hobbit blog about a couple things too. I need to start posting on it.

All right peeps – time to get my kid to sleep!

Begin Again Tomorrow

I have spent the past few days plotting, planning and talking about my book. Tomorrow I begin writing again.  I only have a more general outline, so I am hoping this goes well. I have not completely decided if I want this to be contained within one novel, or two. I’ve decided I shall let me writing decide.  Wish me luck!

My mom was writing a novel when I was in high school. I LOVED it. It had dragons, and magic, and completely different plot lines from the usual. I wish she would finish it. Also, I need to get her to give me what she has so I can read it again.  We all need encouragement, so maybe I should start mentioning it more often…

Its possible that lots of snow shall fall soon and I will have the next three days off. If that happens I’m planning on lots of cleaning, and writing.

Woot! Wish me all the luck.

On a side note, I finished The Siren’s Song, and have not written a review yet (the site asked us to wait until it’s thirty days before the release).  It was excellent however, so if you have read the trilogy by Mary Weber, I suggest picking it up!



Wait. What? Hello, you caught me unawares! I am plotting/planning MY VILLAIN! Got caught up in the moment.  I must say, it is rather fun.  Creating new backstory, and almost this whole other tale to go with her. However, I refuse to do the whole “write the story from the other characters point of view just for money thing” *coughcoughtwilightcough*.

I have a name. And a story. And a general idea of where I want this to go. So I’m sitting down on my lunch today and outline this novel. What I have to where I am going.  I was debating whether I can do it all in one book.  I’m scared to plan anything more than ONE book as its only taken me…. four years? to get this far with this one.

So one or a trilogy? And then my sister-in-law says what about a duology? A what? A DUOLOGY! Two books. Not one. Not three. Just two. It seems almost perfect. So we shall see. Thoughts?

My hope is to have this completely finished by summer. Really, I would like it finished by the end of April and edited by the end of May. Then I shall have to call up my English professor and tell him to start watching Doctor Who…

So, I’m spending the rest of this week plotting with a bit of writing – I need to plot. I didn’t plot this to begin with and the craziness that has ensued since is because of that. So no more loss of direction. Then next Monday I want to write at least 1000 words a day. I have around 30,000 words. I’m shooting for 80,ooo. So 50,000 more… -cries-

I wish I had Scrivener.

In other news, Nano emailed.  Gave us a timeline for the year. If you won, how is your editing going? If not, are you doing it this year? I plan to.  I think I’m also going to do Camp Nano.  So, finish this at Camp. Write the second one in November.

Wish me luck!