My Writing Progress

Well…. I fell off the writing wagon. Completely. Horribly.

I think I missed a few writings here and there… but my total for February was 7340. The good news is that because of my goal of only 250 words a day and writing more than that when I do write, I was 90 words over total goal for the month…

Some of it was articles for the paper or book reviews. Some of it was for my novel.

I have to get back on track. And yeah, so far this month I am doing horribly. However, a friend send a picture of which he really wants me to turn into a short story so I am currently working on that. I have a couple of book reviews to write, this blog and a couple more, and then I shall write on my novel. I think I need to set different goals on the different things I work on…

So let’s try:

3000 words on Book reviews. 3000 on Blog. And 4000 in story writing (mainly novel). 1000 on articles.

That’s 11,000 words. More than my 250 a day will do, but I always do more than that if I write.

Anyone else have advice for writing? I have been so exhausted of late. What really killed me on the writing was my migraines. I have had many, many migraines.  I saw the oral surgeon today though, and my EVIL WISDOM TOOTH OF DOOM IS COMING OUT NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!  I am so excited. Slightly terrified, but excited. I have also started walking with my sister-in-law, and got new glasses (my prescription changed drastically apparently). All of this along with drinking lots of water, should lead to fewer migraines.

Wish me luck. I will also be doing Camp Nano, so I shall have a blog tomorrow detailing plans for that 🙂 Woot!


Boom, Boom, Boom

Yesterday was a bad day. The thing is, it was a bad day following one excellent weekend. My mom finally came down from VA for our Christmas (snow has delayed it quite a bit), and then she was snowed in here. I wound up getting to spend two extra days with her, which was utterly fantastic.  I was given many wonderful presents that shows just how well my family knows me (including Starbucks gift card, a Doctor Who water bottle, Eiffel tower wine glasses, and a Spell book wallet).  It was great.

But then yesterday, after hours of looking up information about phone interviews, I found out that my interview today was canceled as all their searches for new positions have been put on hold because of the new budget cuts from the government in KY. Woot. It just added levels of stress. And so this morning I woke up with a migraine from hell.

The thing is, yesterday was not all bad. My mom made it home safe, which is wonderful. I also found out that Mary Weber (Author of the Siren trilogy of which I have reviewed the previous two books) was sending me an early copy of Siren’s Song the third and final book. I was so happy about that! I got the message when I woke up and was getting ready to work. Excellent start to the day. Then after the rather sucky news at work, I worked with my students, and came home. I played with my son, I finished reading As You Wish by Cary Elwes (Westley) and watched The Princess Bride again.  My son crawled up and passed out cuddling me.

There were great moments yesterday. It is so easy to be lost in the horrible ones and dwell only on those.  What happens will happen, and I am trying to remember that.

As to my writing… well it’s taken a hit. I don’t know the exact numbers but I haven’t written since last Friday. Though I am behind a couple of book reviews I need to write, and I’m writing this blog.  I’m technically ahead quite a bit on my word count because I tend to write more than 250 words a night. So it won’t hurt, as much. But it still hurts. I was snowed in without my laptop Sunday though, and spending all the time I could with my mom was more important 🙂

Some times, writing just has to be put on pause for life. I don’t regret it. Now on to write an article about college, and finish a form for my students.

I hope all of your writing endeavors are going well!

Busy as a Bee

Buzz, buzz. It is FAFSA season! That means my job has gone crazy hectic.  Fun stuff.  In other news, we just missed seven days of school due to a foot of snowfall.  I managed to get quite a bit done around my house, including fixing my closet, and going through clothes, and all kinds of fun stuff.  I’m rather happy about that.

I started writing. I was doing really well. Making 1000+ words every night. And then the migraines struck. I had one almost every day.  My wisdom teeth began to play along, and Monday and Tuesday this week were horrible. So no writing for … four days?  Tuesday I was actually throwing up during the time I had been writing, and then when my hubby got home, I collapsed.  Last night I was so exhausted just from having been sick so much that I said screw it, and went to sleep. I could barely talk, let alone write.

Tonight, I’m hoping to get back to writing. Wish me luck.

I will also be directing the play “Haphazardly Ever After” by Jeff Fluharty at my school, so that shall be fun. AH! Someone just gave me a pin that says “Make reading a Hobbit!”  That is so awesome.

So, what do you guys do when you get setback in your writing?  My migraines have been driving me crazy. My preventative pills haven’t been doing much, and I think it is because of my wisdom teeth. Which I am hoping to have chopped out very, very soon.

Taking the advice of my writing fairy, I decided to not stress about making up the amount I’ve missed. Tis still sad days however.

Also, anyone want a puppy?