Reading/Book Review Update

Oh me, oh my.

I’m having a hard time getting into a book this past week, for several different reasons.

First: Our book club picked “John Dies at the End” for June. The audiobook was on Overdrive, so I downloaded it.  I could not. I could NOT finish it.  The writing bothered me.  The tone bothered me.  There character drove me crazy. And from what I have been told, it got even crazier as it went on.  Only one person in my group liked it. I take that back, she LOVED it, and gave it five stars.  To each their own. I even tried to watch the movie on Netflix and made it about three minutes. To anyone who loved it, I’m sorry. I tried.


So, I think disliking that one so much but trying to listen to it as much as I could for book club kind of ruined for it me on the reading front at all.  That being said, I have several lined up I need to read. And I’m behind on book reviews. I need to review Queen Hereafter for the Edmonson Voice. I’m glad I get to review whatever I want for them.

'Third Target' an action-driven storyI have several books lined up for Bowling Green Daily News.  My review on “The Third Target” by Joel C. Rosenberg was published today. Check out the link for my full review, but overall it was a great read. There is death, destruction, politics and a bit of romance. It does have Christian overtones.  The overall politics are fascinating and slightly disturbing, since it is fiction but seems to ring so true to today. I have “The First Hostage” sitting on the shelf ready to read but I needed a small break from such topics.

I am reading “A Ghostly Grave” by Tonya Kappes, which was sent to me by BGDN. I am only about 20 pages in. It is … unusual. I thought it was a romance at first, but it seems to be more of a paranormal investigation type mystery – and the second in a series. I know I have two more coming from them, and possibly another on my shelf they sent.  I also have “The Drafter” by Kim Harrison to read. I’m actually really excited about that. I LOVED her Hollow series, and had been wanting to read her new Peri Reed Chronicles. She posted on her blog that they were looking for a few readers to get ARC’s of her second book in the series (The Operator). I wrote in, and talked about my blog, and that I could get my review published in the Bowling Green Daily News. I was picked for it, and will get The Operator in October. However, as a great surprise, her publishing company sent “The Drafter” (Which I had almost bought), along with an extra copy to give a friend to make sure we were all ready for the next one!

I have a few others I have bought myself that I want to read. Not to mention all the ones I’ve just been picked up or been given. I really wish I could make a living reviewing books and doing this all the time! Maybe then I would I wouldn’t be so behind…

So how do you handle being behind on your reading list? I’m ahead at least on my Goodreads goal! What do you do when you hit a book funk? When do you call it quits on trying to read something?


The Goodreads Challenge

If ever there was an invention for people who love to read, it is Goodreads.  I stumbled across it a couple of years ago and fell in love. The more I use it, the more I love it.  Not only can I look up books, see reviews, meet authors, and post my own reviews, but I can enter in contests for Giveaways (of which I’ve won several), and have even been sent books straight from the authors.  It’s a wonderful place.

To top it off – I LOVE that they have the Goodreads reading challenge every year.  Last year, I fell short. And it depressed me. So this year my goal was once again 50 books for the year.  I’m 7 books ahead. If you’d like to see what I’ve read, click here. Last year, I read 41 out of 50.

If you are not on Goodreads, go check it out.  It’s a fun way to keep track of when you read books. You can update your currently reading shelf, say what page you are one, and even add in comments. Are you hating the book at the moment? Write that in! Loving it? Add that too.  As a reviewer, it can be a nice trick to remember some key feelings.  Besides all that, its just fun to look back on.

As someone who reads a lot, its an easy way to go back and check when you have read something.  You can even surf book lists and add in books you know you have read. I really need to do more of that. I wish this had been around since I was tiny.

So, if you haven’t checked out Goodreads, you should.  Challenges are good things, and setting a goal you can visibly track for reading can be just as important for writing goals. Reading influences our writing in a way that not much else can. It can help us pick up vocabulary, and give us new ideas we may discover ages from now.  As writers, it is what we are trying to create – a world within pages that people want to read.  So be a reader, as nothing else can help you be a better writer.

Plotting is at an end!

The story is back!

Oh such happy days. I’ve started an excel sheet to keep track of my writing – I want to do 1000 words a day. I have a general outline of where I want to go, as I have said. I wrote 1,129 words yesterday!!

Today I wrote: 1132 words. Woot! I am feeling rather great about this.

To switch topics, Kentucky is fixing to be covered in two feet of snow. I work at a high school, so this is my second snow day, and I am off tomorrow already as well.  I finally cleaned my kitchen today, and I have been playing with Xander, which is awesome. I have been reading A Discovery of Witches as well. Anyone else?

I’m torn on it, but anxious to finish it. It’s for my book club. A review will be posted in a bit. If you want to keep track of what I’m reading, I usually update Goodreads.

I may do another post on an issue going on at my high school later tonight or tomorrow morning. I think I’m going to post on my Tiny Little Hobbit blog about a couple things too. I need to start posting on it.

All right peeps – time to get my kid to sleep!