Review: Reclaiming Shilo Snow


“Trapped on the ice-planet of Delon, gamer girl Sofi and Ambassador Miguel have discovered that nothing is what it seems, including their friends. On a quest to rescue her brother, Shilo, a boy everyone believes is dead, they must now escape and warn Earth of Delon’s designs on humanity. Except the more they unearth of the planet and Sofi’s past, the more they feel themselves unraveling, as each new revelation has Sofi questioning the very existence of reality.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Sofi’s mom, Inola, is battling a different kind of unraveling: a political one that could cost lives, positions, and a barely-rebuilt society, should they discover the deal made with the Delonese.

But there’s a secret deeper than all that. One locked away inside Sofi and ticking away with the beginnings, endings, and answers to everything. Including how to save humanity.”

5/5 Stars!  I love sequels that manage to up the game, and this one certainly did.  Part of me also especially likes the fact that this was a duology, something I do not see often anymore in the literary world.  Then again, trilogies are also becoming rarer, as everyone just writes in a series forever and ever…. Ahem, anyways.

I started reading this novel, and remember why I love Weber’s writing so very much. Or well, the many reasons I love her writing so much. She can transport us to another world with her descriptions and the characters’ actions, and it is easy to imagine their world, and what they feel. It takes no effort to be in “their shoes.”  I also love her writing because Weber writes for a cause.

For example, she dedicates this book to all the children who are being trafficked.  It is easy to see that this book speaks to what is happening on Earth.  With the speech that is given by one character at the end, I was close to tears.  We have to to remember who we are, and how we can change the worlds ourselves, and Weber reminds us of this with this story.  Fiction is such an amazing thing.

The pace of this story is perfect.  It pulls you along as you pray and hope for happy endings.  It has tragedy, and comedy, and hope.  I was especially happy at a new point of view we got to see (Inola), because it allowed us another view into the world around Sofi and Shilo and how they came to be who they are. Perhaps most interestingly, it gave us another view of a person and the choices they make – and the realization that we do not always make the right ones, even if we make the choice for the right reason or the greater good.

I don’t want to give too much away, but of course we see our favorite characters, Sofi and Migeul.  We also see others return, and a few new characters. We learn more about each of them, see into their past, and learn more about the Delonese.  The Delonese are particularly interesting in this book, as their past and their own fears become more apparent.

There is romance, there is intrigue, there is family affection.  There are so many emotions: sadness, grief, happiness, feeling lost, defiance, and more!  It certainly has its own core of strong women, something else I loved.  Overall, a truly great novel.

On a more important note – I mean I know we should not just a book by its cover, but can I just say how awesome this book cover is? Sadly, the ARCs have another version before final approval, so mine does not look this awesome.


If you have not read The Evaporation of Sofi Snow yet, you are in luck! I am fixing to do a giveaway of an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the book! Hardcover even!  So keep an eye out for that, and comment if you would like to participate!


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