No Damsel in Distress Here – A Stranger at Fellsworth


A Stranger at Fellsworth by Sarah E. Ladd – Published by Thomas Nelson, 2017, 324 pages.

Buy here @ Amazon. (And no, right now I make no commission from this :P)

I was sent this book by the publisher for an honest review.

I must say, I loved it. I had another book I had to finish first, and my fingers were itching to start reading this one once it arrived in the mail. I was in the mood for a good romance. And this certainly was, and then some.  I always love romances based in the past, and in England.  My title may be just a tad bit misleading – she is in distress a few times, but rightly so. However, what I utterly loved about this book is that SHE chooses to get herself away from a bad situation, and in every thing that follows, she is a woman making choices for herself.  There was no captured/kidnapped/etc. type romance going on here.  There was even a greater plot to the book. So I loved that aspect of it.

The pacing is quite well done. I did not want to put it down to sleep, and finished it the next day after work. I even read it on my lunch break.  The timing of the romance is great (even if slightly cheesy. But I mean, come on! It has to be a little cheesy!). Oh and Owen, I do love Owen.

There a people you despise, people you pity, and people you love.  There are some you question, some you could care less about. It’s all pretty great.  I liked the topics that are tackled in this book (abuse/bullying/rumors) and I think that is always a great thing for an author to do.

The locations are lovely, and the descriptions beautiful.  They are nicely detailed and I would  not say overdone (though I do love details).  We get to see London, and then Fellsworth.  There is a school, and normal every day life.  The issues that a woman faced during this time period are also brought up quite well.

As a quick note – this is Christian Fiction.  She talks about her mother’s faith, her faith, etc.  So that is a topic that is brought up – she prays to God – etc.  It is not over done.  Just a warning to those who do not like that kind of thing.

There are two other in this series so far (The Curiosity Keeper and Dawn at Emberwilde).  They have pretty great reviews as well.  I will be writing a more detailed book review of this for Bowling Green Daily News, which I will link when it is published.  I rate it 4 stars!

And hey – do you want me to try my hand at a video review? Let me know in the comments!


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