NaNo: Using Tools When You Can!

As I mentioned before, I generally plan nothing when writing. Doing this with a short story is not so bad.  For an entire novel? Kinda difficult for me. It shoved me into lots of corners.  So this time, I decided to try and plan ahead.  I looked around on the internet (because I wanted to hit as many points as possible), and found Annie Neugebauer’s site.  She has lots of great worksheets, which are free!

You can find the worksheet and others here. I found this worksheet rather helpful and I hit lots of good plot points.  My friend came up with a few ideas, we brainstormed, and I kept some of his and some of mine and mashed some of ours together. I still have a few things that are fuzzy towards the end, but they are outlined enough that I can get to them and have a general idea where I am going. Which means I can still write by the seat of my pants a bit. 🙂 Ah the rush.

I went over my plotting worksheet a few minutes ago. I’m really happy with whats there. In case you are curious, my three sister’s are called “Ember, Ash and Blaze.” Their mother is Seraphina, and they have an aunt named Amber. That’s all you get to know for now!

I currently have 10,080 words on the story, on 32 pages in Word.  It makes me happy to see that.  I’m going to start rereading it tomorrow to get my bearings, because it has been a bit since I did much with it. I wrote every day for like 15-20 days straight and then fell off the wagon hard. That’s my normal.

Oh how stressful Nano shall be… I need coffee…


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