A Writing Prompt

This is Author Amanda McCormick‘s weekly writing prompt:

Using a photo from Garett Photography, write whatever inspires you.

I’m going to use these two, which are really lovely.

(This is a scene which may go into my new book)

The sun had almost set on the longest day of the year. The garden was bursting with blooms, having soaked in the sun. Ember gathered chamomile, yarrow, thyme and daisies.  She already had lilies, and had made flower crowns for her and her sisters, their aunt, and niece. She wasn’t sure if they would wear them, but she could not resist. It was a fond memory of her mother and her sisters, celebrating the solstice.  With their mother gone, and their training becoming more intense, she just wanted to liven things up for an evening.

She had already picked vegetables and apples.  She had also bought some fruit from the market. Oak was stacked by the firepit with pine needles, ready to burn, and she had her emerald earrings and necklace on. Gathering the rest of what she wanted, she took the bunches to the chairs, winding herbs together, laying a few bunches in the bottom of the pit.  As she finished,  she saw her sisters and niece come out of the kitchen.

“Hey Em. Anything we can do?”

“Bring out the trays in the kitchen and set the table over there.  There should be candles as well.”

Blaze and Ash disappeared through the door. Ella continued walking up to the firepit and looking in. “Why are there herbs and stuff in the bottom?”

“Mostly just because it smells wonderful when it burns. Our mom used to say that these plants held a special significance on the summer solstice however, so she always grew them. It’s tradition to burn them.”

Ella nodded, and Em smiled, as it was if she was carefully committing these thoughts to memory.  The sun had finally set, and the moon slowly began to become visible. Blaze and Ash had set the trays on the table, with Aunt Ember walking behind with the candles, arranging them just so. She waved a hand over them, and they lit.

“Did you make these Ember?” Amber asked.

“Yes. I sell quite a few in the store and online. These particular ones smell of Lavender”


“Can we eat now? I’m famished?” Blaze said as she picked up a slice of watermelon.

“Me too!” piped up Ella.

Laughing Ember told them to eat up.  Getting a plate, she piled it full of salad, with a bowl of fruit.  They sat around the fire and as the night drew over them, and the stars began to appear, they lit the fire.

Ember walked around setting the crowns on each person’s head.  Blaze jumped when hers landed, and then giggled as she saw Ember’s.  “I had forgotten this. I haven’t done this in years.”

“Mom and I did it every year.  Ella, do you like yours?”

“I LOVE IT!” Ember had also made her a wand, using a long stick, ribbons and flowers.  She skipped around the garden, waving it as flowers trailed behind her.

Amber looked at each of them.  “I’m glad to see Sera kept doing this. Your mother did always love the holidays.”

“She respected them too. I want to honor that respect and love. We’ve all been working hard, I thought tonight would be a good night off. What about some stories about you two as children?”

“That was quite a while ago.”

“I’d enjoy a few.  Plus Ella did not know mom well. It would be nice” Ash said.

Ember noticed Amber give her a look, but was unsure what it meant. “Okay.”

Amber started off with a story about Sera lighting the teacher’s trash can on fire when she was mad in school, and from there she made their own antics in school sound like nothing.  Ash seemed to regret asking for the stories as Ella looked fascinated at the ideas.  The moon was now high above them, shining through the dream catchers hung in the garden. Lights flicked across the pavers, and sparkled like the stars above them.

Throwing herbs on the fire with the pine needles, Ember looked around her.  She missed her mother, but she was glad for the night.  Her sisters were together again, and celebrating this day of life and light.

The End

Hope you enjoyed! Join in the prompt, and link back to Amanda! Also, check out Garett’s photography! It is beautiful.


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