Ten Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed

(As always, credit for topic for Top 10 Tuesday comes from The Broke and the Bookish)

Ten Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed (Most of these are series)

I feel as if this is a more difficult topic.  It’s hard to think about book you read long ago, and how you feel about them now. Here we go…

1: Harry Potter Series – more love

I feel as if this is a must.  This surely rings true for all the “Potter Heads” out there.  As a muggle who is now reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to her son, I still love it. I love it even more.  I began reading this series in fifth grade, when it first was published.  I eagerly grabbed each one as it came out, and my cousin and I fought over who got the second one first.  I went to the Barnes and Noble book launch parties that started with the fourth one.  There is so much to this series that you do not even realize as a tiny child.

2: To Kill A Mockingbird – Confusion, but still love

This may be more difficult to explain.  Alas, I have encountered many people who did not like this book. So sad.  I loved this book when I first read it in high school. I’m planning on rereading it again, but I read it a couple years ago for a class, and I still love it.  I have not read Go Set A Watchman. I don’t think I plan to.

3: The Emelan Series by Tamora Pierce (Honestly, anything by Pierce) – LOVE

I discovered the Circle series in 9th grade and fell in love. Funny enough, I had been writing a short story about a girl who could control storms – and it rang very true to Tris (I even had the girl blow up a tree with lightning as her family cast her off).  After discovering this, I gave up on that story.  Pierce’s was just so much better. I’ve talked about her often on this blog, and her books.  I emailed her in high school, and she replied herself. If you have never read these, you should I own almost every book she has written. I love them all.  I think the only thing I am missing is Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales. I need it but then, I’m always having to get something else.

4. Laurell K. Hamilton’s Books – Arg. Annoyance

Honestly, I still the first books of her two series (Anita Blake and Merry Gentry).  However, as the series continues, I become more and more aggravated by the amount of description she has in each book about the beautiful men around them from their clothes to their eye color. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They are bloody other worldly beautiful. I’ve heard it all before. I didn’t mind a little bit.  In the beginning it was fine. There was so much more plot and awesomeness that it didn’t matter (this was more true for Anita Blake than Merry). Oh – and the sex. So much sex. It was to the point that just about any random page you opened it up to was a sex scene.  SPOILER – yeah, Anita has powers linked to sex I get that, but maybe that was just so there could be EVEN MORE SEX. Dear me.  I will say – I think the last Anita Blake book only had one or two sex scenes in it, and the focus was back on the action as it used to be. I almost cried in happiness. I promise – I’m not a prude – I don’t mind some sex. And Hamilton writes some excellent sex scenes. But there is a line between a good book having some sex in it and just about being a little bit of plot surrounding almost porn level sex scenes.  I don’t even care how many men/women Anita sleeps with. Just gloss over the pages of sex so I can have some awesome story in my life. And I’m not alone in this – I know there are many other complaints. Given – some of those are because Anita has become poly, but I could care less about that.

5. A House of Night – PC Cast & Kristin Cast – Annoyance

I thought these were awesome in the beginning, but honestly they just kept going on and on. My mom, my sister and I were all reading this series. Then suddenly a character was killed off, for really no good reason, and we just kind of started losing interest. At that point, it was also several books in, and it felt like it was going on forever.  They finally ended it – 12 books, plus a few extra novellas, the textbook, and now graphic novels.  It seems like lately we cannot get a nice trilogy or just a standalone or even a quartet. People go on and on. It doesn’t always end well.  I haven’t finished this series. I stopped on book 8.

6.  Twilight by Stephanie Meyer – Less love

Oh Twilight. What a craze it was.  The obsession between this and all the other vampires that began popping up just made me over it. I must admit, when I first read it in high school I thought it was pretty awesome. However, as time went on, I loved it less and was less impressed.  The movies were bleh. I mean, really, sparkling vampires? Also Bella is a Mary Sue. She has hardly any of her own personality. I tried to reread them, and couldn’t even manage it. The writing is not even all the great. Ah well.

7. The Hollows by Kim Harrison – LOVE

Oh, how I love these. I actually got to meet Kim Harrison too, as with the last book she came to Bowling Green and I got to have my books signed.  She was very nice, as was her husband. There are 13, but honestly there is not the same annoyance you get with some series that seem to go on and on and get more repetitive.  These books are always action packed, the story changes and there is always something new. I loved each and every one. I came into the series late, which may have helped.  An awesome friend recommended them to me, when 8 or 9 of them were already out. They were fantastic.  There is also a “Hollows Insider” which rocks.  I do not have the short novellas that have been written but they are on my list.

8. Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer – Still love, but a little too long

Oh these books.  Honestly, at first, it was hard to read.  It is written as how the main character speaks and in the beginning her grammar was awful. This was hard to deal with me.  However, as she learns the books improve. It’s fun.  There are 12. Sadly, I have still not read the last three.  I do have the first one autographed.  The author passed away last year, right before the publication of the 12th and last one, from cancer. (I hate cancer).  The plot does seem to repeat itself as time goes on, which became frustrating so there is that.  Funny story – I just found the author on FB a few months before he passed away. He offered to email a story he wrote about Jack and her butler being sent into the future to the first five people to email him – I may or may not have been one of those five.  A while later, he popped up on facebook and asked those who received it to please not share it, as his publishers were quite upset with him.

9. Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison – LOVE

If you love to laugh, especially if you are a girl, please read these. There are 10 and they are all HILARIOUS.  I mean, really. I just love these books. My high school 9th grade English teacher read these to us in class.  Truly fantastic, and they just improve with age. With titles like “Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging” and “Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers” how could you not?

10. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis – LOVE

I will always love these books. I’ve read them all.  My husband also greatly loves them and even spent like $50 on an illustrated edition we found at this awesome three story book store in Florida.  After Harry Potter, I’m reading these to Xander. I know there are arguments about the religious implications, etc. etc. Who cares? I just love the stories. (I really want this edition).


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