Alphabet Series: Learning

Lessons Learned: Learning (ha)

You should never stop learning.  I firmly believe this. It doesn’t have to be a formal education either.  Learning of any kind is a great thing.  If there is something you are passionate about, have someone teach you about it, or read articles, or whatever works for what that is. But you should always be learning. It keeps our brains sharp! Or at least that is what I am told.

I have been out of school for less than a year and I miss it. I might be crazy, but I miss it. I continue to learn, and read, and think.  But I miss the school environment.

I have also learned my lesson. Even if a class or program is easy, you should give it your all. Talk to the professors. Learn what you can do to stand out.  Look towards extras.  Especially if it is things in your field. Go above and beyond what you have to do anyways. Its all fun and fantastic, and you will appreciate that extra hard work later on in life.

Do not take your access to learning for granted. There are plenty of people who cannot. Especially women.  Or, for those who are poor and can only get so much education.  Appreciate what you have. And use it wisely. LEARN.

Quality Education is also one of the new UN world goals.  So help out!



Book: The Lady in the Tower by Alison Weir

I had so many I could write about on this letter. The Lord of the Rings series. The Lovely Bones. Life of Pi (though it is an odd book),  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe… But I went for another one. I feel that if you will read LOTR or the Narnia books you would have done it by now… if not, I will freely sing their praises in another post.  I love this book. It focuses slowly on Anne Boleyn and who she might have been. It has excellent details. It talks about myths that have surrounded her, how they likely got started, and follows different paper trails to figure out what might have been true. Alison is an excellent writer, and she also writes Historical Fiction. I think it keeps her nonfiction from being dry and boring.  The Tudors are also my favorite.


What do you think?

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