Alphabet Series: KEES Money

Lesson Learned: Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship

I’m sure many of my fellow bloggers have mentioned it, but K is a hard letter for this… Key. Kill. Koolaid.

KEES (Money provided to KY High School students based on their grades in high school) is money provided by the state to high school students. They can earn money for their GPA each grade year ($500 a year). They can also earn up to $500 for their ACT score. Based on economic status they can also earn money for AP classes/exams. If they keep a 4.0 that is $2000 a year, for four years. If they have a great ACT score that is another amount of money. If they get a 28 or above, max amount is $500. That’s pretty awesome.

So why is it a lesson learned? Well not having to think about my KEES money, and it just being there, meant I completely FORGOT that it would not be there for a fifth year of school. Oops.

I lost around $1100 a semester. Because I was a dummy. I really should have finished in four years. It would have saved me all the money. And the time. So, heads up to everyone in KY. FINISH IN FOUR YEARS. ITS WORTH IT. I PROMISE.

Okay, rant done. Now go read this book!


Book: Killer Instinct by S.E. Green

I just finished this book last night! I love it! I am writing a review for the Bowling Green Daily News, so I will not say much here.  At first I had a hard time getting into it.  The main character shows no emotion.  I just read an irish/fantasy romance book by Nora Roberts (all the detail and emotion) and The Glass Arrow (also emotion/detail) so it was a hard switch to overcome. However, the character is interesting, and so is the family, and it reminds me of Criminal Minds.  It has an amazing plot twist at the end as well.  Go check it!  And in better news for me, S.E. Green will be at the SOKY Bookfest and is in the panel I am hosting! (SOKY Bookfest provided me with a copy of the book).


What do you think?

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