Alphabet Series: History

I know, I know. Lessons learned. Its a cliche.

Learn from the past, or you are doomed to repeat it.

But I a HISTORY DEGREE guys! I have to.

It is important to learn history. To know it. To understand it. It may not mean that you have a history degree, or that who learn everything.  But understand your family history as much as you can. Understand and appreciate the history of what is around you. Know the history of your nation.

Or we may be doomed to repeat it (can anyone say Trump here?)

History is useful for a variety of reasons. I love it. I’ve learned many lessons from my own history/past, from my family’s, from this country, from the world. My classes taught me many things about humans, and what we keep doing.  The smallest things can be explained for the craziest reasons. Plus, all those fun sayings we love so much (like Its raining cats and dogs)  came from somewhere and usually its an historical background that led to it.

I love stuff like that.  I particular love England, and the Tudors, Civil War history, and also Renaissance history (and yes I go to faires)

So, remember. It is important.  It is awesome.  It is vast, and deep and there is so much we do not know about the world.  About ourselves.  There are sometimes many explanations for various things.  For us.

Family history, family feuds, crazy stuff like that also usually has some really interesting history!


What do you think?

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