Alphabet Series: Getting Involved

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This is certainly a lesson learned for me, and it also have a higher education theme to it, so that works.

I was highly involved in high school. Vice President of Drama, Vice President of Literary Club, in the Beta club, Band, and others. I was the lighting designer in many plays, and directed A Midsummer Night’s Dream (gothic style) my Senior year.

Then I went to college. And I did nothing. I’m not really sure why. I was married, and doing lots of things with friends. I was also on the side campus, so you were not constantly assaulted with all the fun things on campus, or groups trying to get you to join. That may be a part of it. But part of me is still amazed I didn’t seek out theater. That’s one of main regrets.

However, when I was a junior, a friend of mine was like “Hey, I was invited to Phi Alpha Theta. You should join – its the history honors society.”  I said, Okay!  So off I went to a meeting. They were electing positions for the next year. And no one was there. So I wound up Vice President, thanks to said friend – he told me he knew I would do really well. Then the next year the President never made a single meeting and I took over. It was WONDERFUL! I grew the club from like four of us showing up, to over twenty. We had movie nights and a meet and greet with faculty, and baseball with the faculty and all kinds of fun things. I was so excited. I also became more involved in the English Club.

I wish I had been involved from the get go. That I had done more things, and taken more advantage of that time.

So where ever you are in life – get involved.  Do something with your community. Volunteer.  Join an organization.  I’m now a part of Americorps, I volunteer, and I am directing a play at my high school again – Haphazardly Ever After.

It’s nice. 🙂 Not to mention being involved looks great on a resume, and volunteering is perfect for scholarships!


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