Alphabet Series: Failure


It’s a word no one likes to hear. Sure, many people tell us failure is fine.  You fail, you learn, you start over. I agree with that.

Failure can be a wake up call, but only if you let it. If you fail at something, you do not need to automatically do the exact same thing again. Stop, pause. Think, listen. Why did you fail? What caused it? What changed? If you are going to do the same thing again, what is different now from last time?

Consequences should also be carefully measured, and this is true for higher education. I know several people who went off to college, not thinking about their future, what they wanted to do, (maybe they were only going because it was expected) and then they flunked.

Now, here is the thing: one class will not kill you. A couple classes even can be overcome. If you go for a year, have a bad semester and then completely fail there are programs to help if you have good reasons.  There are consequences though.  You have to keep a 2.5 gpa for your KEES money (KY scholarship), and many other scholarships have GPA requirements as well. The Pell Grant and federal funding also has certain requirements for it. I do not know all the ins and outs, but if go for a few weeks, and drop out or stop showing up there are circumstances where you have to pay that money back (the extra you got back that you threw at a TV).

So stop. Think. Look at what will happen.  Ask for help.  In anything. If you are failing at simply baking a cake – go ask for help. Look up videos on Youtube. If it matters to you, there is a way to do it.

For future reference, if you have a bad time at school and flunk out – you can go back in two years and wipe the slate clean of your previous academic record. You do not have to transfer with it or like with that GPA. But it is not pick or choose, you lose everything. You have to redo it. But it’s a chance.

I fail at things all the time.  So far I’ve done okay at picking myself back up. But I’m right there with everyone who probably thinks on it, dwells on it, and reprimands ourselves.  Sometimes it’s best to let it go.


What do you think?

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