Alphabet Series: Explore your options

As I have written, I knew that I loved history in Middle School after job shadowing a professor. However, by the time I had entered into WKU, English was my major. Creative Writing, to be exact.  I was also in the Honors College. I quickly dropped that, deciding it was extra work for no real reason.  I really like planning things. And organizing. So, I decided to get the class catalog (they gave it to us in print those days) and highlighted the classes I needed, which I wanted to take. I read up on everything. Discovered it was a three class difference between the major and minor in History so I became a double major.

I loved all of my classes. With a passion. I took so many wonderful lit classes.  And… I started to love those much more than creative writing classes. The thing is, many authors have never had a class on writing. They do what they love. They read. They learn that way. And I really did NOT want to take the poetry class I had looming, or a few of the other choices I had. Plus, I had only received B’s in my creative fiction writing class and my advanced fiction class. It kind of broke my heart. And my faith in myself. So I switched to a lit major, took a few more awesome classes, and doubled up at the end.

Then I turned around and became a Student Affairs grad student. Something else I loved.

My point in all of this, is that you should always explore your options. Education is important. There are also usually several paths to one career. Different schools offer different classes in the same major. Some have completely different requirements. It’s important to look, to read, to plan (as I have already stated).  And as much as I hate to say it, never completely trust your advisor. They can be wonderful people… or absolutely dreadful. They can know everything and be the best guide… or steer you in completely the wrong direction and you take unneeded classes.  It is always best to know what you need, for you. My advisors loved me because I looked over everything, knew what I needed to take and walked in with a list of the classes I wanted. I used to wait in anticipation for the list of classes offered to come out. (I’m a nerd, if you have no figured that out)

General Ed is a whole other ball game I will address on the letter G…


4 thoughts on “Alphabet Series: Explore your options

  1. I hear you! My occupational goals evolved through and after college, and some days I’m still not sure what I want to be “when I grow up.” Time will tell, I suppose. But you’re right, it’s good to shop around, whether you set out to or not.

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