Alphabet Series: Dreaming

A young girl in middle school job shadowed a college history professor and fell in love with a career.  She dreamed of teaching college classes.  Then she fell in love even more with literature and Lord of the Rings, and dreamed of teaching a class on Tolkien. She was encouraged by some, and beaten down by others. She followed her dreams no matter the obstacles, and even though those dreams changed, she followed her heart.

Dreaming can be a wonderful thing. But it can also be difficult. Without support, it’s hard to have dreams. And some dreams are meant to stay as dreams.

However, there is no reason to not follow your dreams, whether or not they change. Do not feel beholden to a dream. Or feel like you cannot follow more than one path to get to your dream goal.

I will say though that you should plan. I wanted to be a college professor. I couldn’t choose between English or History, and wound up following a different passion, Student Affairs and higher education.  I plan on taking more classes, and working towards teaching history part time in my future.

But I didn’t always plan well. I didn’t throw my whole self into it. I didn’t try as hard as I could have. Didn’t do all that I could have. I have a few regrets. But I love my life, and I try not to dwell on them, but learn from them. (Dwell could have been another lesson).

So dream, but plan for those dreams. Know how you are going to achieve them. If you just dream, or half-do it, you will regret it one day.



4 thoughts on “Alphabet Series: Dreaming

  1. The quote from Brian Williams at the end is kind of funny, considering he did a little too much “dreaming,” just not the kind you’re talking about haha.

    Like you, one of my dreams is to see one of my books in a bookstore someday, Maybe we could have a joint book signing and roll up in Barnes & Noble like celebrities 😉

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