The A – Z’s of My Lessons Learned

The Lonely Tribalist is writing blogs every day of the week in April (minus Sunday), using the Alphabet. You can wing it each day, do different topics, or pick a theme. I’m thinking lessons learned. I’m also pondering giving it a Higher Education theme or doing one solely about high education topics (I’ve also thought about starting a Higher Education themed blog. Thoughts?).  We shall see.

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Shout out to Monica Spees who is also doing this (and how I discovered it). Check out her blog!

Letter A, Day One: Ask

This may seem completely basic.  It might be.  But one of my main lessons I have been pondering, especially lately, it that it never hurts to ask questions. Of yourself, of your own life/goals/thoughts, of others, and of what is happening.  In some ways I set my own goals in high school. I did not follow all of them. For example, originally I did not plan on getting married until I was at least 25, and graduated from college (I married at 18, and no I was not pregnant).  I do not regret the changes in my life.

However, I decided to major in English and History. With no further thought of what on Earth I would eventually do besides maybe get a Master’s in one or the other. I just loved school. I wanted to be a college professor eventually. Well, my senior year I switched from Creative Writing to Literature.  I could not decide between English or History for a Master’s and neither career choice looked to spiffy. So I went into Student Affairs. Not the Higher Education budget is being cut. My husband supported everything I did, and still does, but I didn’t stop to ask and see what he wanted.

I did ask for advice from some.  Maybe I didn’t ask myself enough questions. Point is, it’s important to ask yourself your plans for your future. Or why you are doing something. Or what it will lead to. How will you accomplish it? Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, or help, or even to question what someone tells you.

I had many, many students who took a wrong class because their general advisor told them to. And they didn’t need it. Or a friend told them they should. They didn’t need it. I had students taking out all the loan money (something I eventually, regretfully did), and blew it on big screen tvs without thinking about what those loans would turn into.

I try harder now to ask questions. To see where I am going, and what I will be doing. It may cause worry and stress, (I’m very good at stressing), but it’s important to know. I ask myself questions to. Why do I do this? What is my motivation? What am I quick to anger over something so simple?

So Ask. Ask anything. Ask everything.


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