Beautiful Ending – Siren’s Song

Sirens-Song-Mary-WeberIt is bittersweet to be writing the final review for this trilogy. It was instant action, instant troubles. It answers any questions we had left, it answer some we did not know we were asking, and it gives us the action/romance/strength we love from the previous ones. As I have said before the characters are well rounded. I laughed out loud several times reading this. I worried about characters, and what final choice Nym would make. Mary Weber’s writing evokes emotion in such amazing ways. Weber’s writing is the true gem of these novels. I have been trying to whittle down my vast collection of books, but these three will stay on my shelves with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. This is a wonderful trilogy, full of truly great characters, and an amazing fantasy world. The length of each is great, they all three flow well, and you will not be disappointed or heart broken in the end. Mary Weber’s ‘Pocketful of Thank Yous’ at the end is heartfelt and happiness at the end (though I’m hoping it’s not truly the end).


What do you think?

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