My Writing Progress

Well…. I fell off the writing wagon. Completely. Horribly.

I think I missed a few writings here and there… but my total for February was 7340. The good news is that because of my goal of only 250 words a day and writing more than that when I do write, I was 90 words over total goal for the month…

Some of it was articles for the paper or book reviews. Some of it was for my novel.

I have to get back on track. And yeah, so far this month I am doing horribly. However, a friend send a picture of which he really wants me to turn into a short story so I am currently working on that. I have a couple of book reviews to write, this blog and a couple more, and then I shall write on my novel. I think I need to set different goals on the different things I work on…

So let’s try:

3000 words on Book reviews. 3000 on Blog. And 4000 in story writing (mainly novel). 1000 on articles.

That’s 11,000 words. More than my 250 a day will do, but I always do more than that if I write.

Anyone else have advice for writing? I have been so exhausted of late. What really killed me on the writing was my migraines. I have had many, many migraines.  I saw the oral surgeon today though, and my EVIL WISDOM TOOTH OF DOOM IS COMING OUT NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!  I am so excited. Slightly terrified, but excited. I have also started walking with my sister-in-law, and got new glasses (my prescription changed drastically apparently). All of this along with drinking lots of water, should lead to fewer migraines.

Wish me luck. I will also be doing Camp Nano, so I shall have a blog tomorrow detailing plans for that 🙂 Woot!


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