Top 10 Books I Enjoyed That I Didn’t Think I Would

So The Broke and the Bookish is a fun blog that does The Top Ten Tuesdays.  I stumbled across it recently and I think it looks like fun.  Today’s is the top 10 books I enjoyed in the past year or so that I did not think I would like and were not something I would normally read. Links open to the book’s Goodreads page or my book review on a website!

Book 1: Cinder (Marissa Meyer) – This was something I would never have picked up. It’s a little odd to be, what with being after World War IV, and the main character being a cyberborg. I usually go for Fantasy or Historical Fiction. However, in the past year I’m finding myself liking books like this more and more. This was our book club pick this month. (PS, would you guys like to do book club with me every month on the blog?). It was actually pretty good, and while it hasn’t climbed into my top favorites ever, I did enjoy it. Check it out!

Book 2: My Diary From The Edge of The World (Jodi Lynn Anderson) – This is book is probably actually everything I would read. But I may never had found it. And the title may have thrown me off.  I loved this book. Dragons. Great things. I actually reviewed it for the Bowling Green Daily News (And they sent it to me).

Book 3: The 5th Wave (Rick Yancey) – This was a book club pick. As I said, two years ago I would not have picked up a postapocalyptic story. Now it seems to be all that I read. At least once a month!  I greatly enjoyed this story although there were a few things that bothered me.  I reviewed it for the Edmonson Voice.

Book 4: Somebody I Used To Know (David J. Bell) – Dr. Bell is actually a former professor of mine (he teaches Creative Writing among other classes at WKU), and I have read a few of his books.  Honestly, I do not usually do crime novels, but his are fantastic and keep you on the hook.  Review for Bowling Green Daily News. They always have great details (this one has an awesome dog), and the story flows wonderfully.

Book 5: Red Rising (Pierce Brown) – This is another futuristic novel, where Earth is completely different and we are actually basically evolved humans in space. My uncle bought it for me, and so of course I had to read. My good friend Nick Simmons also told me it was fantastic so I bumped it my to read list. I could have hit Nick with the book.  It gets intense. I LOVE this series, and it the final book of the trilogy just came out so go read them! I also reviewed it for the Edmonson Voice.

Book 6: The Mad Woman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones (Sandra Tsing Loh) – The Bowling Green Daily News sent me this book for a review.  Honestly, when I read the title I was like “oh my lord, this will be fun. Do I have to read it?”  But, I decided it was information I would probably need in twenty years or so anyways. Lord, was I right.  This book was FANTASTIC. I loved it.  It’s a keeper. If you are a woman, read it. If you are no where near menopause, if you are experiencing it, or if it is over, read it. If you are man, read it. Cause you will want to know what to expect 😛  It isn’t just boring facts, its her real life story with all the craziness and her journey to learn about what was happening. She says that those before us didn’t talk about menopause. It is one of those taboo topics. Which leads to hell for women when we hit that age. It’s a great, funny story. I loved it.

Book 7: Welcome to the Real World (Lauren Berger) – This is a book about what happens after college. I was required to read it for one of my grad school classes. And I think all college students should read it.  It is up front, and real.  It talks about your first job, finding confidence, interviews, moving through your first job, networking, and how to move onto the next job.  Berger has made quite a few transitions and now does something she loves.  It was a great tool and I loved reading it.

Book 8: Breakfast Served Anytime  (Sarah Combs) – I reviewed this for Edmonson Voice.  Oh my this book. It was wonderful. I met Sarah Combs at the Southern Kentucky Book Fair (or whatever it is called) and hosted the Young Adult panel that she spoke at. I only had so much money, and I chose to buy her book.  I am glad I did. Set in KY (I’m trying to read more of these), it offers a wonderful view of a high school girl who is unsure of what her future holds and what decisions she should make. It has just the right amount of romance to it too 🙂

Book 9: The Bone Season (Samantha Shannon) – This book tore me in pieces and I’m pretty sure I reviewed it on this blog. Again, another book club pick. It was quite interesting, and actually my uncle got me this book because he had heard rave reviews (I suggested this for book club).  It is odd, futuristic, and different but I really liked it.

Book 10: The Secret Wisdom of the Earth (Christopher Scotton) – I won this on Goodreads and reviewed it for Bowling Green Daily News. I saw it was set in KY and thought it sounded pretty good even if not something I would buy so I entered to win the giveaway. And won! I wound up being pretty excited and this became one of my new favorite books, honestly. I hope to read it again soon.

Well, there we are. 10 books I didn’t expect to like, but loved. Thanks to book club, having to review books, and my uncle, I’ve been branching out much more lately in what I read and I am thankful for it. Let me know if you decide to read one and like/hate it, and also if you have read any of them! I love hearing other opinions on books and also like recommendations!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Books I Enjoyed That I Didn’t Think I Would

  1. Always glad to see you writing 🙂 I nominated you for a blogging award. It’s basically just a fun exercise to rattle off some fun facts about yourself. I had a good time with it. Don’t feel obligated, though. Happy writing!


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