Writing Update

So, per an idea from Amanda McCormick, I decided to lower my daily writing goal to 250 words a day. With my crazy insane life, I have more motivation to spend 10 minutes writing, than stressing over getting 1000 words. And I have to say, it seems to be working.

I have written every day this month.  I have already done my words for today, as our training let out two hours early. I have 1320 words for the month, and I’m 320 words over day-to-day goal count. Which is awesome. It’s not much, and its certainly not near the 1000 a day, but I’m just excited that I’m writing. I’ve over 34,000 words on my novel.

I have written more in the past two months that I have in the past year. On that note, I found my Nano shirt from 2014 which made me very happy. I think it was lost in my hubby’s clothing.

I am currently in Lexington, KY for training for my KCC program.  It is a nice town, but really busy around campus which is to be expected. I am currently reading Divergent, and have an article for our newspaper to write, and a couple of book reviews to write (Including one for I Am Malala).

Anyways, that is all for today. I have lots to do (and maybe a nap) before our dinner at 6.


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