Plotting is at an end!

The story is back!

Oh such happy days. I’ve started an excel sheet to keep track of my writing – I want to do 1000 words a day. I have a general outline of where I want to go, as I have said. I wrote 1,129 words yesterday!!

Today I wrote: 1132 words. Woot! I am feeling rather great about this.

To switch topics, Kentucky is fixing to be covered in two feet of snow. I work at a high school, so this is my second snow day, and I am off tomorrow already as well.  I finally cleaned my kitchen today, and I have been playing with Xander, which is awesome. I have been reading A Discovery of Witches as well. Anyone else?

I’m torn on it, but anxious to finish it. It’s for my book club. A review will be posted in a bit. If you want to keep track of what I’m reading, I usually update Goodreads.

I may do another post on an issue going on at my high school later tonight or tomorrow morning. I think I’m going to post on my Tiny Little Hobbit blog about a couple things too. I need to start posting on it.

All right peeps – time to get my kid to sleep!


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