Begin Again Tomorrow

I have spent the past few days plotting, planning and talking about my book. Tomorrow I begin writing again.  I only have a more general outline, so I am hoping this goes well. I have not completely decided if I want this to be contained within one novel, or two. I’ve decided I shall let me writing decide.  Wish me luck!

My mom was writing a novel when I was in high school. I LOVED it. It had dragons, and magic, and completely different plot lines from the usual. I wish she would finish it. Also, I need to get her to give me what she has so I can read it again.  We all need encouragement, so maybe I should start mentioning it more often…

Its possible that lots of snow shall fall soon and I will have the next three days off. If that happens I’m planning on lots of cleaning, and writing.

Woot! Wish me all the luck.

On a side note, I finished The Siren’s Song, and have not written a review yet (the site asked us to wait until it’s thirty days before the release).  It was excellent however, so if you have read the trilogy by Mary Weber, I suggest picking it up!


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