Wait. What? Hello, you caught me unawares! I am plotting/planning MY VILLAIN! Got caught up in the moment.  I must say, it is rather fun.  Creating new backstory, and almost this whole other tale to go with her. However, I refuse to do the whole “write the story from the other characters point of view just for money thing” *coughcoughtwilightcough*.

I have a name. And a story. And a general idea of where I want this to go. So I’m sitting down on my lunch today and outline this novel. What I have to where I am going.  I was debating whether I can do it all in one book.  I’m scared to plan anything more than ONE book as its only taken me…. four years? to get this far with this one.

So one or a trilogy? And then my sister-in-law says what about a duology? A what? A DUOLOGY! Two books. Not one. Not three. Just two. It seems almost perfect. So we shall see. Thoughts?

My hope is to have this completely finished by summer. Really, I would like it finished by the end of April and edited by the end of May. Then I shall have to call up my English professor and tell him to start watching Doctor Who…

So, I’m spending the rest of this week plotting with a bit of writing – I need to plot. I didn’t plot this to begin with and the craziness that has ensued since is because of that. So no more loss of direction. Then next Monday I want to write at least 1000 words a day. I have around 30,000 words. I’m shooting for 80,ooo. So 50,000 more… -cries-

I wish I had Scrivener.

In other news, Nano emailed.  Gave us a timeline for the year. If you won, how is your editing going? If not, are you doing it this year? I plan to.  I think I’m also going to do Camp Nano.  So, finish this at Camp. Write the second one in November.

Wish me luck!


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