Finding Lost Writings

If you have been writing for as long as you can remember, you have probably stumbled across writings. I’ve found things that I do not even remember writing. I usually have no clue WHEN I wrote it. I think this can be rather fun.  Sometimes its a poem, or a half done story, or one paragraph.

Take for example this random poem I found in a notebook today:

Colors changing

World fading

Anger. Hurt.

All dissolving

Crying. Lying.

Everything disappears

Miser. Pain.

All consuming

Yelling. Whispering.

Music blaring

Sleep. Rest.

World Fading.

Colors Changing.

Certainly not my best poem ever. However, I just find it interesting that it was tucked away in a random notebook. I also found the beginning of a story about an orphan in London during the Victorian era who gets taken in by a lady, and a few other poems.

Have you found any great lost writings? Anything that turned into something greater?I think it can be wonderful inspiration.

I have finished blocking out what I have of my current novel, and am doing plotting. I am working on my villain (How did I not realize I didn’t have a villain?), naming them and plotting out their story.

More to come! Also, would you like a snippet of said story?


What do you think?

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