Hammers In My Brain

My writing (which I am not so great at keeping up with anyways) has taken a hit lately due to numerous migraines.  It saddened me greatly because over my two week break, when I all wanted was to declutter/clean my house, I spent a majority of the time with a migraine. My friend Nick can attest to this, as I think even he was astounded at the number.

On that note, if you are a person who suffers from migraines I think there is a point where when the next person says “Oh I understand. I’ve had a migraine. It was awful,” and upon questioning you realize it was not a real migraine at all but a headache. Then to further the indignity they ask what a migraine feels like. And you just want to reply:

“Two little men crawl into your brain and taken giant Dwarven hammers and hit either side of your head repetitively (depending on the day. It may just be two attacks on only one side of your head), while at the same time someone throws acid into your eyes so as to blur your vision and make you extra-super-sensitive to light, and then holds amps to your ear(s) so as to make every noise amplified by 10,000 AND someone holds your neck in a super painful way. Of course, migraines vary, attacks vary, and the pain varies. Still.

IT IS PAINFUL MY FRIEND.  The sad thing is, that for most chronic migraine patients, if you want a life, you just learn to live with it and work through it, rather or not you want to. If I can crawl into my bed and pull my blanket over my head and not come out – I’m doing that. Usually, this is not the case.

So, as I said, writing has stopped. Whenever I was not feeling like crap I was trying to work on my house. Which is still a mess. One day my friend. One day.

I did finish a couple of books, write a couple of book reviews, and talk to one of my friends about my intended plot line (he is my plot outline savior).  I’m working on editing what I have, and outline what is already there, so that I can outline the rest of it and FINISH IT. FINISHING THIS NOVEL IS ONE OF MY TOP FIVE GOALS. The other four:

  1. Get a good paying job
  2. Save money
  3. Reduce how much I spend

Ahem. Sooo yeah. Wish me luck!

Any tips on plotting?


4 thoughts on “Hammers In My Brain

  1. cammarie9012

    I’m not good at outlining, but something I’ve done recently has helped (even if I don’t use it all in the same writing project). I’ll get these random pieces of inspiration and I’ll type them out furiously in the notes on my phone, or, if a computer is handy, I save them in the drafts on my blog. Sometimes, I’ll realize these bits and pieces all fit in one writing. Other times, they just come out of nowhere. I save them, though. Never know when they might come in handy!

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  2. I usually suck at plotting, but the only halfway decent thing I do that works for me is just to take half a page/a page/however much space I need and just write whatever comes to my mind for the plot in a synopsis form, inserting any quotes or descriptions I think of that I don’t want to forget. When I’m done, it reads like someone describing most of what happened in a movie they saw last night.

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    1. Thanks! That would work for me in the beginning, and I can elaborate a little, I think. I’m not going to be like in this chapter, this will happen because that would be too detailed. I realize now however that I just had NO clear idea where it was going or who the real villain was or anything. Slightly important.


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