Book Reviews: Pros and Cons

One of the greatest things ever is getting a free book in return for reading and reviewing it. I mean, honestly, it’s awesome. I won’t lie. My quest for books to review started last year and I began researching online, looking for sites that would send me books, etc. etc. I wound up finding three really great sites where I could get at least a book a month in return for blogging my review (I usually also post to FB, Twitter, and Amazon/B&N).

On top of that Goodreads also has giveaways which I have been pretty lucky to win several of. Authors who notice I do book reviews have also sent their books to me in return for a review (and most of then sign them!).

It’s been awesome.

My grad school advisor reviewed books for the Bowling Green Daily News. I asked how he managed to get that gig, and after showing me a giant stack of books he had been sent over time from them, he offered to get me into it. I picked a review I had written, he sent it in, and they published it! They also started sending me books 🙂

So now I have several books. I can even request certain ones, and I’ve had a pretty great success rate of getting them. WOOT!

Now… the downside…

Sometimes if you review for a newspaper you get sent books you really have no interest in reading. Sad days.

Or, if they have length requirements on the written reviews, you stare and stare trying to figure out what else the crap to say about the book?

It is worth it though!


3 thoughts on “Book Reviews: Pros and Cons

    1. I have always wanted one! In my current house there is no way! I’m actually fixing to go through my books again. Now, if I win that lottery (1.3 billion!) we can talk! If not, maybe we can just try to move into a university library?


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