A New Beginning

I’m not sure you can call it a new beginning, when its just starting on your old unfinished novel? But I am because it makes it sound happier. So.

I suck at plotting. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I’m much better at writing a short story in one go (although they tend to be like 20 pages long…)  than I am planning something out?  What I’m currently working on, Fated Destiny, started out as a short story. A double spaced, 19 page, over 8000 words, short story… and I loved it. So I decided to run with it.

And it was up to about 18,000 words when during Nano 2014 I wrote a dream sequence for it in first person… and Amanda and I agreed it was amazing. And then I went stupid and REWROTE EVERYTHING I HAD IN FIRST PERSON. Lord help. I like it more now. But yeah. That was fun. Currently it sits at over 22,000 words.

But I’m stuck. I write on it, but I have no clear path of where I am heading. And I got frustrated. In that frustration I turned to one of my friends, Nick, who reads as much (okay, honestly more than) I do. “HELP!” I begged. Well, after that I asked “Would you read what I have and offer a few opinions?”

He agreed!!!!

And he gave me awesome feedback/ideas in about five minutes. Such an awesome idea I had to slap myself for not thinking about it. And he isn’t even done with feedback he just has a cold right now and is waiting to feel a bit better (and even going to read it a second time.)

I’m going over what I have. Printed it. Making edits. Outlining what is already there, and taking his idea and working on a plot. Wish me all the luck. I’m going to need it.

However, writer’s block is a common problem.  All authors will tell you different things. Stephen King’s On Writing is one of my favorites of all time. He doesn’t show someone his work until he is finished. I try to do that, but this time around, it just was not working.

Everyone has a different process. You can try to be like your favorite author or you can do what works for you. Try something out. Take what works. Change what doesn’t. Look for ideas. Reach out to friends. Have a writing group. At least a few friends. It works. Amanda and Nick are my life savers. My hubby helps occasionally too.

What have you guys done to defeat writer’s block?


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