Nano Prep! A few more tips…


Nano is quickly approaching! Only two days left, and one of those days is Halloween!!  If you have kids – well the day is pretty much shot as you will be doing Halloween type things all day 🙂

Sign up on the site: I know this tip sounds silly, but apparently there are people who say they are doing Nano but they never make it official and sign up! So do it! If you win, you get fun stuff, and discounts and all kinds of cool stuff.  And a chance to buy a shirt!  It’s fun. Plus, what’s the point of trying if it isn’t official?  Last but not least, this helps hold you accountable!

Last Minute Prep:  Go buy snacks, drinks, Post it notes, notebooks, pencils, pens, etc. Gather all those things you need to make you a good/efficient writer.

Make a list, check it twice: Okay, so I had a short list. On that list was to get back into writing mode (check), and to go back through my half finished novel I plan to finish and re-familiarize myself with it (uh… oops). So what was your list? What do you feel you need to do before Sunday is upon us?

Try not to stress details: If you cannot find a name to fit your character, or a town name that you love, give it something generic – make a note, keep a list – and fix it in December. You don’t want to spend your time (especially if its limited) pouring over baby name sites, or googling weird town names, to try and find the PERFECT name. We all know that can take forever.  Write it in CAPS so you can find it easier later, and move on. Some people will just write TOWN NAME every time, or something to that effect. Or just name a new character that pops up on you BARBIE and make a note to change it. Remember – try not to edit.


What do you think?

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