Tips for NaNo


Back Up Everything: TWICE!  This is important.  You never want to have 45,000 words written and your computer crash.  You would spend a month in a dark corner, or hiding under your desk crying.  It’s always important to back up your work, but during Nano, it is even more so. Now, they do sell this awesome flash drive bracelet. I have wanted one for ages and ages. Great plan. Or have it automatically save to Dropbox. Any where external from your computer (i.e. do not save it in two files on your hard drive and think you are covered).

Audience: Know who your audience is. Are you thinking that teenagers would love your book? Is it more geared toward young adults or adults? This is important for many reasons. There are guidelines for general word length for such novels you can go by. Different genres are also written different and the tone changes. Knowing your targeted audience could help. It can answer questions. Should I behead him? Well it is for young adults… maybe.  Adults? Sure.

Setting: As I mentioned in my writing prompt yesterday, settings are important to the story.  Knowing your setting is also important.  People develop characters but sometimes forget completely about setting. And if you are building a fantasy world it is very important.  The creators of the Doon series posted their hand drawn maps on their website, and originally they put the castle in two different places – that can be important if you are talking about traveling across a land on horseback.

Thanks for looking at my advice guys 🙂 As I always say, do what works best for you! Good luck! (5 more days!)

Today is Senior/Staff Spook day at the high school I work at.  I’m dressed up in a Renaissance dress and cloak.  It’s a good day.


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