My Writing Prompt Results


I had always been drawn to ruins.  They seemed to speak to me, in the beginning.  As I researched, and visited more and more of them, I realized that perhaps I had not been wrong.  I began to see things, always out of the corner of my eye. I pondered if I was going crazy, but as they began to come clearer, I realized I was seeing spirits.

I was seeing the dead.

Though I should have been terrified, I was excited.  Spirits from the past could answer untold questions. They could help me find new ruins, old artifacts long lost. Numerous questions could be answered if I could speak to the right spirits.  Then I began to wonder what exactly caused a spirit to stay.

They would not talk to me.  I could not get their attention.  The harder I tried however, the more I began to feel them.  I could sometimes catch glimpses of their thoughts.

And so here I sat. In the middle of this ruin, in the sprinkling rain. The grass was glistening with drops of it.  The castle, or well, what was left of it, shone in the light.  It was beautiful. Spirits roamed the castle. There were five or six in this location. It surprised me because it was so little, and that was a high number by what I could tell by even a large ruin.

Ooh, if only I could figure out how to speak with them!

(have to leave. Try to update this tonight)


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