A Writing Prompt


There are many pieces to building a good story.  The setting is one of those.  If a reader cannot imagine the world you are creating, then they will feel disconnected from the story. If they cannot believe what you are describing, then something is wrong.

Tolkien was a master of settings. Now, many people believe he was too detailed.  I’m not normal, and I loved every description he gave because they were beautiful.  Because of his level of details, they were able to go with their imagination, and truly create Middle-earth in the movies.

Some people argue that it can be better to leave it up to the reader’s imagination and just give the bare minimum required.  It’s all up to the author.

On that note – look at the above picture.  What does it invoke in you? What story does that castle have to tell?

Please share snippets or link me back to your post on it! I love to read what other’s write. Mine will be coming at lunch!


What do you think?

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