Trying to Prep for NaNoWriMo

Last year I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time. I had always dreamed of it, but it scared me.  Amanda McCormick, my sister-in-law, told me to do it, because she knew I could. I made her promise to bug me. Bug me she did 🙂  And I WON!  I wrote 50,000 words. In a month. WHAT A FEELING. I bought a shirt.


Now, I must say that I did not finish my novel. Halfway through the month I decided my book would sound better in first person like a crazy person. And preceded to rewrite everything I already had. Lord help. Never do that. It is insane the tiny things you have to change. The way you have to reword things. Whole new sentences you must write. Constant changes. Hardly a sentence stayed the same.

I’m determined to do the same thing this year.  Amanda has been sharing tips. I decided to share a few as well..

Tip 1: Write something you are passionate about.  It’s important.  You have to love what you are writing.

Tip 2:  Stress, but not too much.  It’s okay to miss a day.  If something happens, let yourself feel it.  You cannot make yourself write through some things, because then you hate it. Or you just erase everything you wrote because its crap. Listen to your body. Listen to your emotions.  Let yourself feel. Life happens. Even Kim Harrison and Laural K. Hamilton blog on this.  Some days you have to take a day. You’ll catch up.

Tip 3: Join a group.  Find a group. Start a group.  I talk to Amanda about writing. I consult her about plot. I have some friends on facebook. Amanda also has a writing group on Skype and we would do word races/wars. It was fun. Having someone to hold you accountable makes all the difference.

Tip 4: Have a space/time to write.  Creating a space with things you need is important. I write at work during lunch, and at home. I won’t lie – I have a beautiful desk at home, but half the time its been covered in clothes and crap. So I write on the couch. Goal before November? Clean it off and keep it that way so I can write there. We’ll see if that happens.

That’s all my tips for today. More later!

If you have any, please share!


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