NaNoWriMo Tips/Prep


Hello! So today I’m going to share four more tips!

Don’t Edit: Okay, this one is hard. For some of us, its nearly impossible. It hurts our soul. But to the best of your ability – don’t edit. Those hours spent pouring over a half finished novel could be put towards FINISHING the novel.  You have December for editing.  Nano will give you tools for it.  (You win lots of fun things).

Go With the Flow –> Then Plot: This may not work for everyone. However, when I start out with an idea, I do not plot. I follow that momentum and I keep going. I ride the waves until they dissipate. Then I look at what I have and I think “Where do I go with this?”  And I plot.  For me it works. Some people have to take their idea and mold the entire timeline before they can write. Everyone works differently. Which brings me to…

Do What Works For You: No one is the same. We all do things differently.  Some people can write a whole novel and never sit down and plot it out. Some people plot in the beginning. Some people write at exactly 7:30 am every morning for two hours. Or two hours at night. Or here, there, and everywhere.  We are all different, embrace it. Know what works for YOU.  It what you are doing isn’t working, embrace new systems till you find one that does.

Be Careful What You Read: Okay, so I’ve heard this one before. I was iffy on it at first, but I kind of understand it. For one thing in November, well, if you are trying to write 50,000 words you won’t have time to read much.  But, back to the tip: if you are writing a fantasy novel about a dragon… I wouldn’t read the same thing. You can get things mixed up. Accidentally copy very real plot points. Then you go back and read or novel, or someone else does, they may be like “This sounds exactly like “fantasy dragons!”  Just something to keep in mind!

A couple of sources I found today: – They have some fun stuff. This page in particular has a quote I love: “Nanowrimo is a race to write, not a road to perfection.” – They have some great sources, specifically for NaNoWriMo!

So that’s all for today. More tomorrow.  If you have any questions, hit me up! Want to share something, please do! I would love to hear from other NaNoWriMo peeps!


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Tips/Prep

  1. Nick Simmons

    Appreciate the insights! I actually was wondering about some of this stuff the other day when I was thinking about different key points I wanted in a short story. The editing part is so Hard though since I’m a perfectionist!


    1. I am too – it can be hard to leave things. You can go back and fix small things as you notice them, while writing. Like if you type a wrong word or leave a letter out. But you don’t want to spend hours pouring over what you already have. Plus – you will stress so much over that that the rest of the story will suffer.


    1. Oh you should! Check out their official website. It is tons of fun. We could have word wars together 🙂 I’ll help hold you accountable, if you want. Also, last year we got Scrivener ( for 30 days for free for NaNoWriMo, and then if you won you got to buy it for a year for $20. It’s one of my fav programs ever.

      I promise its fun. And you feel great afterwards 🙂 Plus if you didn’t want to write a novel, you could probably do like a collection of short stories.


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