Horror Writing Prompt – Graveyards

So Amanda wants us to write about graveyards. I’m not feeling any of the sentence prompts I have, so I’m going to do the graveyard thing.  Cue some spooky music


Fog drifted in between the headstones, creating that creepy feeling I was so eager to find.  The night was alive with noises, animals chirping, cheeping, and creeping about.  People always say the night is silent, but that just shows they are not listening.

It was the perfect night for my ghost tour.  It seems an odd business to have, and whenever I introduce myself, people start to shy away from me. Most do not like the idea of surrounding themselves with the occult, the suspicious, and the supernatural. I love it.  I grew up reading fiction about witches and wizards, about the Salem witch trials, or mysteries and whodunits.  As my Hogwarts letter never arrived, I decided to find a path I could take.  I lucked into this.

The people were starting to arrive. It’s always more perfect when they get there a few minutes early. It gives them time to spook themselves out. Makes my job easier.  I held a lantern, and the fog made its glow eerie and in turn made my own white dress glow.  I liked to look the part.  Wearing jeans and boots just did not live up to my business.  I had a vintage looking knee length dress on,  with tiny battery lights in the hems, and the white lace up boots.  A cameo graced my neck, and my hair was done up all fancy like.  I couldn’t wear the powder anymore – it was too hot, and my skin reacted funny to being coated in that much makeup.  Still, I think I played the part well.  I even had a half cape on that had a hood I could pull up at just the right moment.

“When does this begin, ma’am?”  An older gentleman asked me.  There should be twenty people in this group.  I counted 15 so far.

“We have another five minutes till start time, my good sir. Let us wait for the others to arrive.” As I spoke another car arrived, full of teenagers. Ah, perfect. They spooked easily.

As everyone handed in the tickets, which I slipped into my purse, I began my introduction.

“Welcome lords and ladies to the Shadow Falls Cemetery.  The graves here date back to the 1600s, and were a popular burial ground for the infamous.  Please, notice the glow sticks I am now handing out. It may seem ridiculous but if you get lost, please use them.  Also, be mindful of the graves. The fog will hide more than a few, and some are low to the ground and perfect for a misaimed kick. Keep close, for one never knows what is wandering in the dark.”

Ah, yes. The teenagers were nervous. On to the show.

“This cemetery is home to many legends.  As you can see, the tombstones are old, worn, and many do not have names. However, the legend I shall tell you tonight does not require names, for there were none.

In 1750, the graveyard keeper was walking the grounds when he discovered a grave he had not seen before. The concrete marker did not bear a name, only a date. A date from two weeks ago.  He knew there had been no burials the day before, and that was when he called in the constable.  Indeed, they could find no records for this grave, and so they began checking around town. That day they did not find anything.

The next day, when the graveyard keeper and the constable went to hunt for clues they found a second grave. This one had a date from yesterday. Again, they could find nothing. They finally decided they must dig up the graves.  It was a process that took two days, and when they finally finished, they discovered the bodies of two girls.  They were not from their own town. A week went by before they discovered the girls had gone missing from two towns over. As the graveyard keeper kept walking, he found more such graves. A total of 10 in all. The dates had a wider range, going back as far as four or five months.  There was a serial killer in their midst.

The town became nervous. They were scared, because they did not know if someone among them was a killer, or if the killer lived in another town. There were few clues to go on.”

I paused. We had been walking among graves. I had come to the tomb I wanted. “This tomb, was one of the few unmarked that still remained. Her body was never claimed.  It was a younger girl, seventeen or so, with brown hair.  They say her soul still walks these woods.”

At that moment, one of my actresses walks around off in the distance. I could tell the moment that they all notice her. Its a funny play of lights and makeup that give such a creepy ghost effect. The teen teenagers were loving it. The older folks were enjoying it as well.

I walked around going over a few more stories. I had more actors play different parts.  When I got to our final story, a modern day zombie one, that was when I noticed the man off in the distance. He was not cued to be one of mine. I was not sure how long he had been there. He followed us to the beginning and many of my guests thanked me and asked if I did a special for Halloween. I gave them my card.

The man did not leave. He simply waited for everyone else to leave. If I had been smart I would have walked to my car. However, my actors and actresses usually took a few minutes to make it back up front, and I would not leave them. I decided to stand my ground.

“My good sir, is there something I can help you with?”

“Aye. Where did you hear that first story?”

“I did research in the library and the old newspapers. There were articles there.”

(Have to go back to work. May continue this later.)


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