Prompt 1

A woman receives an anonymous package that contains only a shiny stone and a note with the address of a nearby, infamous landmark.

I was exhausted. Actually, exhausted may be putting it lightly. After three nonstop days of work at the library to make sure the Halloween festival would go with out a hitch, I almost cried as the last person left that night.  It was usually my favorite time of the year, but somehow being in charge of it all took away some of the magic. Not what I expected.  I missed actually being able to participate in things. Instead I ran around answering questions, talking into a walkie talkie, and occasionally introducing authors.  Finally, it was time to go home. The ticket counting, and clean up could wait for another day.

I started turning off the lights in my office when I noticed the package sitting there.  It was wrapped in newspaper, and there was a note attached to the brown string tying it together.  As many horror stories as you hear and read about with mysterious body parts and bombs, you think I would have been a little more hesitant at opening it. However, the newspaper wrapping was pretty creative, and I never batted an eye.  The note was an address. One I didn’t know.  The box contained a pretty blue stone, that when I held it up to my lamp sparkled inside. It didn’t cast any color however, It was quite unusual. I dumped the box over and looked for anything I missed. Nothing.

Huh. What could it be? I collapsed into my desk chair. I was tired… but my curiosity won. Ignoring the “Curiosity killed the cat” saying that went through my head, I googled the address. It was to the local civil war monument a few blocks down the street. Even better, it was on my way home. Well, well, well…


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