Book Review: The Bone Season

The_Bone_Season_coverThe Bone Season

Book 1 of 7

Author: Samantha Shannon

Pages: 480

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

Date: 5/6/2014

Rating: 4/5

“It appeared on every summer reading list for 2013, from Entertainment Weekly to USA Today. Now, the debut that thrilled readers everywhere is available in paperback. Enter the world of Paige Mahoney, a gifted clairvoyant, a “dreamwalker,” in the year 2059. Her natural talents are considered treasonous under the current regime. Snatched away to a secret prison, she encounters another race, the Rephaim, creatures who wish to control the powers of Paige and those like her. One in particular will be assigned as her keeper, her trainer. But his motives are mysterious. To regain her freedom, Paige must learn to trust, in the prison where she is meant to die.” (Barnes&Noble Overview)

So, I started a book club.  I love it, and it’s fun.  Our first book was this one! I started reading this one, unsure of whether or I would like it, but I gobbled it up pretty quickly.  The characters are interesting, and the world itself is something new and completely different from what we have been seeing. Which is nice.  Sometimes it feels like people write fiction with the same stories over and over.  So this was good. It has maps, diagrams, a glossary, and appendices.  So be prepared.

Also, when reading, do not be afraid to look up words you do not know. I used the glossary, and context clues to figure it out.  Several people in  my club said it was hard to understand, and slow going. If you buy it on an ereader, it’s more difficult to use these things and the diagrams are hard to read. It takes serious dedication to read this book.

However, I mulled on it a while, and when we finally had the book club meeting, I realized there were a few things that really bothered me.  There are gaps in the whole idea of the world that I wish had been addressed.  The Rephaim say we ruined our world by burying the dead… but it never explains that. Also, the dead are still being buried.  Then there is a saying one must say with the person’s full name when a person dies so that their soul can move into the aether… so if you die alone you are just screwed? Not only that but everyone who is not clairvoyant now despises those who are and are afraid of it, so they certainly won’t be saying anything over dead bodies.  This is supposed to be an introduction into the world, but I feel like she leaves a LOT out.

I will say I love the Warden. Paige is hard headed, and sometimes you are screaming at her that she is an idiot. The ending is predictable and the love story the same.  There are few good twists within the novel, and hopefully the next one is good as well, and explains a few more things.


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