Oh the Life I Lead

I. Am. Overwhelmed.

That’s probably an understatement, actually.  Too many things are going on, and I just got a phone call with another one. I need like a $100 Starbucks gift card to make it through the next three week alive…

School: I have 7 projects due in the next three weeks. I’ve started a few, almost have a couple done, etc. etc. But still.  I am also way behind on internship hours because of my crazy life (which is coming next) and that is stressing me out majorly. I am also at the last minute hosting a young adult panel at the SOKY Bookfest for Children’s day on Friday.

Work/School: My GAship runs out at the end of April, and this will be my last paycheck. Talk about stress trying to find a job that fits my degree. Though honestly, I will do what I have to support my family, and also I have my English degree, which may prove helpful.

Life: I’m married. I have a tiny godzilla like one year old. My mother-in-law has cancer and is undergoing chemo. My father (who until yesterday I had not talked to in three years) is currently in the hospital and not doing so well. And I just got a call saying there is infection in my ear, and they are calling in antibiotics and all kinds of fun things I have to do for that. Then just general drama as per always. And because of a school function, I am probably going to miss my nephew’s birthday party Saturday.

Ahem. Sorry. I just needed to rant. Too much, in too short a time. I need coffee.


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