The Secrets of Pembrooke Park


This is a lovely book!  I received it from Bethany House Publishing in return for a review. I will say that I give it a strong 4 stars. My favorite part of the novel is the echo of Jane Austen (she even has a character quote her).  It was a quick read, even if a few parts seemed to drag on a bit. You route for the main character, and those around her.  There is plenty of family dynamics, and no mary sues.

I look forward to reading her other works. Also, just for fun, here are a few pictures of me in regency dress at the Jane Austen 309490_10151929055070321_923514074_nFestival in Louisville.

The publishers are also doing a fun few extras with this book, where we get emails and share things.  There is a book trailer here. There is a tour of the manor here.

We also shared a favorite quote – “Some of us go through life spending a great deal of effort accumulating possessions or wealth, saving for a rainy day or an uncertain future.” I thought this was a very good section, and the sermon touches on hard truths. Often we become wrapped up in what we own and possess, and our technology that we spend less time in the moment and with our families. It is something to think about.

And so far that is it, besides seeing if it is in our local library, which I will do tomorrow.  Also, Amy (my contact at the publishing house) shared with us a regency paper doll, and I think it is beyond fun.

I will share anything else with you, and I hope you guys enjoy!!



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