TV Zombie List

TV Zombie List

1. Ghost Whisper (All)
2. Grey’s Anatomy (Current)
3. Lie to Me (All)
4. Angel (All)
5. Eastwick (All)
6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (All)
7. The Cosby Show (All)
8. Frasier (All)
9. Bones (Current)
10. Psych (Sixth Season)
11. Doctor Who (Almost Current)
12. The Big Bang Theory (Seven Seasons)
13. Hot in Cleveland (Current)
14. Happily Divorced (Not sure anymore)
15. Crossing Jordan (All)
16. Glee (1st Season, part of 2nd)
17. How I Met Your Mother (All)
18. Reba (All)
19. Charmed (All)
20. Say Yes to the Dress (Five Seasons)
21. Melissa and Joey (All)
22. Monk (All)
23. The Tudors (All)
24. Game of Thrones (Current)
25. Downton Abbey (All)
26. The Finder (All)
27. Hercules (All)
28. SVU (Current)
29. Xena (Most)
30. House (All)
31. Voyager (In second season)
32. Grimm (Current)
33. Reign (Current)
34. Everybody Loves Raymond (all)
35. Sleepy Hollow (Almost current)
36. Gracepoint (All)
37. Private Practice (All)
38. NCIS (5 seasons)

Planning to Watch:
-Star Trek

Less TV.

What do you think?

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