The Golem and the Jinni

th This is a beautiful book, just as this fantastic cover leads you to imagine. The book was sent to me by my friend Nick, and I am glad it was.  Overall, I would have to say this novel gets five stars (I probably should give it four due to a couple of things… but I just cannot).

This is a story, obviously, about a Golem (Chava) and a Jinni (Ahmed).  If you do not know the mythology behind these two: a golem is a creature/person made of clay and the jinni is a creature of fire. The two creatures come together in the city of New York City.  This spin on a city we all know is fantastic.  Not only that, but historically, it paints the city wonderfully. Each for different reasons is brought to New York City, and suddenly has to make their new life work.  Eventually they come across each other, and in unlikely situations all around, become friends and confidants. Their journey is this beautiful story.

First, let me say that the characters are my favorite part of this novel. And unlike some, the writing does not suffer.  Not only do you follow the golem and the jinni, but also the characters that help them find their way.  The viewpoint switches to others, and the flow of this is never jarring. Each character is unique and their own story shines through and connects in some way to the two main characters.

The plot works well, and has a few excellent twists, but there are a few moments when it slows down to almost stopping.  The details, and as my friend says, the overall journey, is what matters, and it is quite good. Still, when having all of the characters added in, and their own journeys and thoughts, it adds up to quite a few pages. Add in some of the journey of Chava and Ahmed, and it becomes longer.

I say go buy a copy today, and another for the friend of yours who loves to read for Christmas.


P.S.  If you would like to see more, here is authors website. Also, there is information on golems, jinnis, and New York in 1899.  It is designed well and adds to the book.

(I will add more to this review later).


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