Dropped the Ball – Majorly

Hey everyone!

So I have no disappeared off the face of the Earth… Internet… completely, I promise.  I have been swamped with school/work/interning/being a mom/life/etc.  It’s been completely chaotic and the last thing I think about is blogging. Also, I haven’t been able to read for fun … in ages.  I did read Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, and it was fantastic. I hope to review it really soon.

I had dreams of doing NaNoWriMo, but I suppose that’s not happening. I have a giant critique journal due Wednesday, and a Presentation Wednesday as well. I’m exhausted, as well as sick, and I messed up my back today.  It’s my kind of day, apparently.

Just letting you know – I still exist. I do have lots of time off over winter break, so I hope to go crazy them. Maybe I’ll do a Write A Novel Over Winter Break dash…




2 thoughts on “Dropped the Ball – Majorly

  1. Nick

    Hope everything goes better for you. Sorry to hear about your back! When your break is getting close let me know if I can help out with supplying those books!


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