Destined for Doon

dfdMy rating: 5 of 5 stars
I received this book from BookLook Bloggers in return for a review.

This book is as fantastic as the first, if not better. One of my favorite things about Doon continues almost from the beginning, with a great off hand reference to house elves. I must say, I do love Harry Potter references, and it just continues from there. It gives the girls a sense of realness that you often cannot have, and allows you to relate to both of them. The pop-culture/literature references are a brilliant way for the author to connect the reader more intimately with the story.

The setting of Doon and Destined for Doon is magical. I have never been to Scotland, but from all references and pictures I think that it matches up quite well, and creating its own world apart from it as well. I would love a map! (There are some fantastic programs that allow you to create your own map.) It would help with their travels across the kingdom, so perhaps when the authors are famous, and facing movie deals, they can have them made for future editions.

The writing continues as well as before. Mackenna and Veronica have great personalities that are very different and yet mesh well. You can tell they have been friends for years. I wonder which author writes who? They do not use cliches, and though I am not an expert in Scottish brogue, I enjoy Jaimie and Duncan’s speech.

This book builds on the last but also faces a whole new disaster. It is handled well in the books, full of problems between the new queen and her coruler (I won’t even get into my frustrations with Vee and Jaimie. Perhaps in a Spoiler-full review), and the problems that come with trying to become a queen with no experience. Duncan and Kenna face their own rocky relationship, and from the moment he appears, you spend the book chanting for them to shut up and get back together!! The plot paces well, again, though there may be a few lagging moments, they are all fun to read.

We are introduced to new characters, new Destined, and the world that we love. Mackenna also has a few of her own prejudices that come up and I wonder if they may be dealt with again. The new characters are interesting, and the old just as we remember them. There is love, romance, a wedding, trials, fights, and issues to solve. The book covers a wide range of things, and every moment is just as great as the last. There is always the fact that you want to keep reading, and a few times I really wish I could just not sleep.

As far as my issues with the previous book – of people coming over and magically introducing new things and sort of “modernizing” their world without affecting their culture. I still have issues with this – but it is not something addressed much in this book so I did not have to deal with those issues. Again the two main females are still beautiful but unaware. Ah well. It’s what we all want right?

I will leave you with this spoiler – there will be a third book!


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