1st or 3rd Person? Trying A New Style

Normally I write everything in third person.  I always have.  However, after reading Rachel Harrison’s books (which are 1st person), I am really beginning to think about writing in first person, or at least trying it. She also does a sort of stream of consciousness.

My novel, which I’ve sort of been working on, is in third person. So I’m going to try and write the beginning of it in 1st… Let’s see what you think:

I couldn’t see the stars.  The storm clouds were blocking my view of the heavens, but that was perfect.  The whole reason I was laying out on the roof was so I could watch the lightning. The night was a beautiful sight, full of power and magic. The air vibrated with electricity, echoing in the currents as the thunder drummed its song through the skies and I felt a thrill run through me. Our land, hills and valleys, lay before and ended at the foot of the Guardian Mountains.
Zylar purred beside me, reminding me where I was. I decided long ago that cats were the perfect creatures of comfort. Still, if I had to pick an animal to be? It would be a dragon. And oh, how I hoped the dragons would come play tonight. The storm was still far off and hopefully it would linger in the mountains.
“Azkadellia! Are you on the roof again? Father will have your horse if he catches you!” I heard my sister yell, and it caused me to jump all over. Not exactly a good thing on a roof of thatch.  Zylar also protested the movement.
Arcana was glaring at me through the window. Her long brown hair was already braided for sleep, and her blue eyes twinkled with mischief. “How will he catch me?” I asked her. “He is absorbed in his account books. Are you going to disturb him to tell him?”
“Well then. Why don’t you join me? It is such a beautiful storm. The dragons should be out to play in the lightning soon. It has been so long since we had a good storm, they surely won’t be able to refuse it.”
Arcana looked at the roof, then to the sky. She slowly shook her head. “No. I’m fine here. I have no desire to be in trouble.”
“Suit yourself. Zylar will keep me company. She is quite fine with heights and being outside. Besides, she hardly leaves my side.” The cat opened one eye from her nap. Deciding no one was going anywhere, her eye closed once again, willing to lay and nap as long as possible.

Hmmmm… I just don’t know what I think about first person. Maybe with a different story…


What do you think?

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