The World… It Amazes Me

I’m sure there are a million things I could update you with in my life and ramble away, but for the moment my brain is fried (Hey, you have a sick four month old).  So. While this will be rambley, it should be about two things. I think.

First off, two people have died in Portugal, after trying to take a selfie and falling off a cliff. Yes, you just read that. Here is the article. What’s worse?  Their two children, ages 5 & 6, were there.  How can you even do that?  And you had KIDS WATCHING? “Oh, I want the perfect picture, let’s cross this barrier, to set a great example…” It just makes me want to cry, not to mention what on Earth those poor children will say later on. And then at the end of the article it tells us of other deadly and harmful selfies.  The bathroom selfie is starting to look better and better.

And last but not least, my dear friend Amanda, who told me I needed to write a blog as I was falling asleep at work, is also setting a word goal of 2000 words a day. I am not that crazy, but I shall declare a goal of 500 words a day and see how I do. I wrote a paper today for my class, which was 1900ish words, and this blog, so I’m doing pretty spiffy.  I also finished my journal for that class. I’m good.

Oh, and if you love me… Go HERE!

I am currently reading Trickster’s Choice by Tamora Pierce, and should finish that soon. In other news, Amanda and I may start a blog together doing book reviews. And maybe vlogs. Maybe.


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