Writing Challenge: Day 16 – Go to iTunes, put your music on random. Write a story about the first song that comes up. (250 words or less)

(I apologize for all these in a row, but I have the chance now and I want to get some of this done)

Mea Culpa by Enigma and Lyrics

My body shivered with anticipation. I had fought for so very long but I could no longer hide it. I desired you. I wanted your touch all over my body. Looking in the mirror, I wondered what I was doing. My cross necklace lay on the counter, abandoned.

I had purchased this lingerie for our wedding night. We still had two months to go. But our kisses were keeping me awake at night. I tremble and quiver with anticipation for tonight.

Walking into the room, I look at the candles you have placed everywhere. You are hesitant too, for you knew of my vows to myself and to Christ.

But I love you. The light flickers, creating an atmosphere thick with longing.

As you hold me, as you touch me, I embrace this desire. This passion. I am guilty. I sin.

You kiss me, as we have never kissed before. Our lips touch, meld, fight a battle to say that we are right.

We break free, each of us shaking. Wanting.

“Are you sure?”

I stare into your blue eyes. They seem to see into my soul. My heart beats like a drum, pounding through me, setting off waves of need. I must.

“Take me. I’m yours.”


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