Writing Challenge: Day 15 – Write about a stranger you see. Either their back-story or what they are thinking in the moment you see them.

College is a lot harder than I thought it would be. All this writing and printing, and working.  High school was easy. I played sports, worked on what I had to, and enjoyed time with my friends. Now I have to worry about checking my email, getting good grades, and paying for it all.  I wasn’t prepared for this.

I’m a sports player by heart. I love doing what I do, and I want to play sports in college. I’m afraid my grades will keep me from it. And the costs. And now I may have to retake these classes in the fall, when the whole reason I came was to try and get them out of the way now.

It really sucks. And you think someone would have let me know, besides just my email, in an account I’ve never even been on.  This program was supposed to help me get through this, not get me in more trouble than before. Why didn’t anyone explain to me what was going on? Or keep a check on me?

I hope that I can make it. I really want to do this.


What do you think?

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