Writing Challenge: Day 13 – Begin with “I thought I saw…”

(Okay, I know I am way, way behind on this but… yeah…)

“I thought I saw something over there behind those trees, Devin.”  I whispered, frantic. I had never wanted to come out to this godforsaken, haunted forest to begin with. But oooohh noooo, we needed to camping. I needed to learn how to survive in the wild.  It would be fun. I’d never experienced it before.  Grrrrrr…

“Oh quit, Melody.  Nothing is there, and if there is, it’s a harmless animal. You keep freaking out over nothing.”

I quietly stewed, sitting there by the fire.  The man drove me crazy and I wasn’t sure why I was still dating him. Probably because I had confidence issues, he was hot, and we were living together. Yeah, lame. But that wasn’t the current issue.  I seriously thought something was over there. I mean, I know all the horror movies I’ve watched didn’t help, but animal, crazed lunatic or homeless dude, I wanted to know what it was…

Crap. That’s like the ultimate going to get yourself killed thought.  That’s what happens in every scary movie. You are supposed to stay put, not wonder off, or look behind the door. And always double tap.  Ahhh, but there it was again…

“MELODY!”  Devin yelled.  I jumped out of my skin and turned around.


“You have been staring in that same spot for twenty minutes. I’ve been saying your name for three.”


“Would you please stop freaking out? I’ve been up here a hundred times. I wanted to enjoy this weekend with you.  The food is ready…”

I looked down.  He’s made bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Oh yeah. I forgot how well he could cook.  And over a campfire. I sighed.  He tried.  He was trying. I scooted over and attempted to pry my eyes away from the forest. I wondered how much of me was trying to avoid this situation and simply using my fear and knowledge of horror stories to fuel the fire.  This was almost too easy. It wasn’t even that creepy. It was a national park. The forest was well kept, and rangers patrolled the area. We were on the edge of a stupid campground for god’s sake.

“Melody?” Devin asked very quietly.

I realized I was looking at the forest again, the plate he had fixed me sitting in my lap.  I really needed to quit.


“Do we have chance?”

It seemed silly to think he had not noticed me pulling away.  Things had been quiet at the house lately, and I was spending more time at work. When we were together, I was finding things to fight about. Even tonight, when I agreed we needed time away, I was finding ways to ignore him.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. I’m just unhappy lately.”

I couldn’t look at him. I looked down at my food and started eating. It was wonderful. Lord, that man knew me so well. Except for making me come out here. “I’m sorry. I’m trying.”

“I don’t want you to be unhappy, but I do want us to try again. If we could. I love you. I always have.” Devin sounded so sincere.

I found the courage to look up. I looked at his eyes, their golden flaked brown depths poured into me. I have no idea why I was so unhappy lately, but I needed to work on it. I needed to give us a chance. I loved him. We had been so happy.  I looked toward the forest again, toward the spot where I could have sworn I saw something. I shook my head.

“Okay, Devin. Let’s give it a go.”


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