Writing Challenge: Day 12 – Find 10 random words and create your own definitions.

I used a word generator to come up with 10 words: http://listofrandomwords.com/index.cfm?blist

Aviator: A fancy word for a someone who wants to write.
Fortypenny: A form of money for someone who pays with change – they put pennies together to create a “fortypenny” so to count quicker. The ban of all stores.
Credit: Given to writers for what they do, instead of money or a form of pay. “Wow, that writing is beautiful! It is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!”
Bootery: A store in which boots are put together, fixed, worked and created for each customer.
Preimproved: What happens when the writer sends their work to the editor, it is preimproved before they even know what is happening.
Sori: A form of sorry. When you almost are, but not really.
Waff: When you can’t make up your mind, and are flopping between two things. “I waffed between the bacon or the eggs.”
Calenturish: When something has a calendar with added features.
Crassly: Using something without permission.
Unrefuting: Refusing to help someone work on their flute.

(OKay, I really do NOT doing this!)


What do you think?

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